4 Tips for Creating Infographics

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You’ve seen them everywhere. But how do you make your own viral infographic that will lead to conversions? Here are a few tricks that will get your infographics spreading and converting in no time.

1. Learn from the pros

Before you make your infographic, it’s important to know what works. Take a look at sites like visual.ly or Information is Beautiful to get some inspiration for your infographic. There are hundreds of infographics on those sites, but try to just focus on analyzing the ones that match the concept you want to show, so you won’t be overwhelmed.

2. Keep it simple

You need to choose one and only one topic for your infographic, so you don’t overload the reader. Try to think of a specific question that your infographic could give the answer to. When creating your infographic, don’t go visual-crazy and distract the reader. Instead, focus on a few high-quality, spaced out images that display what you want your reader to learn from the infographic.

3. Don’t forget your data

It’s easy to get lost in creating awesome graphics that your data and content gets left behind. Research your data thoroughly and make sure everything you include in your graphic is there to help your reader understand the information better, and not just to look cool.

4. Use infographic tools

Once you have brainstormed and planned your infographic, choose a tool to help you create it. A recent helpful SEOmoz article highlighted 10 great tools for creating infographics. Some free ones we like are:

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How Product-Related Content Impacts User Experience

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These days having a catchy jingle or a smooth slogan just doesn’t cut it when trying to sell your products. Users want lots and lots of information about whatever they are about to purchase, and not just any information, but user-friendly content that connects with them.

A UX Booth article recently shared how they discovered through A/B testing that the businesses that took the time to translate their product information into attractive content had higher conversions than those who didn’t.

The company content26 developed enhanced product-detail content for 128 products sold by an e-commerce retailer. Half of the visitors were shown product pages with generic content. The other half were shown the “enhanced” product pages. There was a 38 percent increase in conversion rates among customers who were showed the enhanced content.

The main difference in the generic vs. enhanced product-related content was the that generic content usually tossed around technical jargon that sounded smart, but didn’t help the customers understand how those qualities would benefit them. For example, instead of just listing, 70,000:1 contrast ratio, the enhanced version said, “And thanks to a dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000:1, it displays realistic, bright colors that immerse you in the image.”

Users are researching as many sites as possible to determine where they will purchase their products from. If your product-related content doesn’t just list the features, but also share how those features will benefit your customer, you will get more conversions than your competitors.

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Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Sherri Phengchard

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Fahrenheit Employee Profile: Sherri Phengchard

Next up in our Fahrenheit employee profile series is one of our creative content developers, Sherri. She spends her days developing strong content for our clients that keeps them up in the SERPs while converting clicks into customers. Learn how her love for writing and all things Thai keeps her busy at home, too.

Where are you from?

I’m from a tiny town, Waxhaw, N.C., just south of Charlotte, N.C. I grew up there but always had dreams of leaving my town full of cotton fields and antique shops, and traveling the big, wide world.

When did your love for writing begin?

From the time I could hold a pencil. I always had Lisa Frank notebooks in my drawers full of stories all written in pink marker. Once I learned about similes, metaphors and personification, I thought it was amazing how words could be combined to paint pictures in people’s minds. My love for writing has only blossomed more over the years.

What kind of writing have you done?

I studied journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill. While there, I wrote for the daily school newspaper, as well as two other campus magazines. After I graduated I moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where I taught SAT Writing and Grammar. I moved back to America two years later, and I wrote for a local newspaper in North Carolina. Now I do content writing for Fahrenheit Marketing.

How did you first become interested in content developing?

After realizing journalism was all slowly moving online, I wanted to stay abreast of the new styles of writing. I took an internship at Fahrenheit Marketing and savored learning content development and how I could use my writing skills to help companies grow and flourish.

What did you enjoy most about Thailand?

My favorite part was meeting my husband there! My friend introduced me to Dominic at our church, and I thought he was the cutest Thai guy I had ever seen. We fell in love and got married across the river from the Grand Palace in Bangkok. And our son Rocco was born on September 24, 2012. I love working from home for Fahrenheit because I get to spend the rest of my time with the most adorable Thai-American baby in the world.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I can cook Thai food that my Thai husband says is legit. I even started my own Thai cooking blog, Thai-Foodie. My love for Thai food is what led me to Thailand. After moving back to America I missed real Thai food so much, I started to learn how to cook it. It’s fun to use my love for writing, and cooking Thai food, to teach others how to cook it on my blog.

Sherri is just one of our many talented Fahrenheit employees. To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing and how our team will work together to convert your clicks into clients, contact us today and set-up your consultation.

15 Ways to Display a List of Information

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Lists make it easier to digest piles of information, but many are so boring to look at that we wonder, why take the time to read them? To help your lists get the attention they deserve, try out one of these list ideas we found on UI Patterns:

1. Photos: Instead of using numbers or plain bullets next to your information, photos will pull in the reader.

2. Number on the right: To help make your list stand out, put the numbers on the right instead of the left.


3. Bar graph: If you are comparing different amounts of information, making a colorful bar graph will help the reader visualize it.


4. Nested Lists: Creating a list inside a list helps you easily organize your information.


5. Horizontal instead of vertical: This list makes the most of your page realty while jumping out at the reader.


6. Box it up: Highlight the list by putting it in a pull-out box and placing the header in its own box above the list.

7. Spread it out: Instead of keeping information right next to each other, spreading it out makes it easier to read.


8. Images: Placing a graphic design that connects with each piece of listed content will connect with readers who are more visual.

9. Connect an illustration with your list: Instead of just listing steps, have an illustration above that shows the process.


10. Paragraph: If you don’t have much available space on your page, put your list in a paragraph form and bold the headings.


11. Filter: Filtered lists help you give users exactly what they are looking for, like this list that lets you filter people by their job position.


12. Background: Giving a customized background graphic to each point helps highlight each aspect.



13. Light and dark shades: Using different shades of the same color brings unity to the list while bringing out specific points.


14. Pop out: Having the call to action jump out on the list leads to smooth conversions.


15. Bright colors: A bright color on the toned down background gives that aspect even more oomph.


Fahrenheit Marketing’s expert Web designers are always researching the newest and best ways to design for conversions. To learn more about how we can help you convert clicks into customers, contact us today and set-up your consultation.

How Do I Find My Unique Selling Proposition?

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If you want your business to rank higher in search engines, get more conversions and more revenue, you have to live out your unique selling proposition or USP. Your USP tells consumers what you have to offer that no one else can offer. It’s why your business must exist.

A recent Entrepreneur article shared that the key to successful marketing is a good USP, and gave some questions you can ask to determine it:

  • Why should consumers read or listen to you?
  • Why should they believe what you have to say?
  • Why should they do anything about what you are offering?
  • Why should they act now?

Once you answer those questions, you will then have a clear mission. This will help you in determining who your target audience is so you can market your ads to them.

Discovering Your USP Will Set You Free

It is freeing once you discover your USP because then you don’t have to worry about being an expert at what you aren’t good at, and instead just steer all your efforts on what you are amazing at. Instead of shouting at consumers, “Hey! We have cool stuff like them too!” you can say, “We are the only ones who offer this! You have to come to us!”

An idea for becoming a niche expert is to combine two things you love that have never been combined before. Bacon and chocolate was might thought of as weird at first, but now it’s becoming a dessert craze. If you are good at plumbing and Web design, create Web designs for plumbers. If you know everything about coffee and graphic design, create prints and designs for coffee shops.

Instead of trying to compete with every other business, start something that other businesses will have to compete against. To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help you determine your USP and convert clicks into clients, contact us today and set-up a consultation.