Fahrenheit’s Five Most Popular Posts of 2012

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

As we look back on 2012, we wanted to highlight our most popular blog posts. It’s been an eventful year in online marketing, and our most read posts highlight some of 2012’s biggest happenings:

1. Privacy and Duck Duck Go

Google’s personalized search results were in the news a lot this year. Our most popular post discusses how to combat Google’s personalized search results. The search engine Duck Duck Go doesn’t filter search results based on previous searches. It’s ideal for those who want to keep their online presence anonymous or have unbiased search results.

2. What Google Search and the Apollo Moon Mission Have in Common

After Neil Armstrong passed away this year, Google published a blog post looking back on how computing has changed since those days when Armstrong walked on the moon. It shares that Google uses the same computing power it took to do the entire Apollo Moon Mission program in order to answer one search query.

3. Google Glasses: Changing How We See Advertising

These hi-tech glasses are going to be available in a few months to select developers. They created quite a stir this year concerning how they will impact privacy standards and advertising. We are eager to see how they will affect online advertising once they hit the market in 2013.

4. Content Curation: The SEO Benefits

Since good content is key to going up in SERPs, we shared about content curation and how it helps with SEO. Through content curation, one can find ideas for blog posts about tricky topics and build relationships with others in the the industry.

5. Three-Way Battle: Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive

This year Google released Google Drive, which our team now uses everyday to share content with each other. But Dropbox and SkyDrive are also file-sharing services that Google Drive competes with and each product has its own benefits.

We are eager to see how online marketing will change and grow in this upcoming year. To learn more about our services and how Fahrenheit Marketing can help you in 2013, contact us today.