Mobile Search Expected to Spike During Holiday Season

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Searches from mobile and tablet devices are expected to spike during the holiday season as consumers comparison shop, get directions and look for deals. Performics recently released a report showing that mobile devices accounted for 14.2 percent of Google’s total search clicks while paid clicks from mobile devices are expected to increase to 17.3 percent in November and December.

Google estimates that mobile devices will account for 44 percent of last minute gift searches and be the main search platform for shoppers needing directions and store locations. The fact that mobile search is approaching a majority in this area emphasizes the importance of having a site optimized for mobile platforms. Local retailers including restaurants and specialty shops could lose significant business if their sites aren’t mobile friendly.

Flash intros, large unoptimized images, poor navigation and burying important details like phone numbers and store hours are a bad idea in general but when consumers are in a rush and need to get last minute gift or find a restaurant, they aren’t going to wait around, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

I encourage any business owner reading this post to load their site on Android and iOS devices and look at whether all of the elements load and how long it takes the finished site to display. If you need some tweaks or a new design, contact us and we’ll be happy to review your site.