Online Marketing Tool Profile: Tumblr

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You might have seen Tumblr blogs, but wonder how your business could benefit from using yet another social media platform. We recommend just trying it out because as an Entrepreneur article shared, Tumblr can benefit many companies.

Tumblr was founded in 2007 and is both a blog and social network that’s helpful for posting and sharing images, video, audio or short pieces of writing. Unlike Facebook posts, Tumblr content is indexed by search engines, so using it can increase your company’s search visibility.

Facebook is the only social network that users spend more time on than Tumblr. According to comScore, an Internet analytics service, 50 percent of Tumblr users are age 25 or younger. So if your company markets to a younger audience, tap into Tumblr. But even if that isn’t your target audience, you can still benefit from Tumblr. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Create a Tumblr blog: Make sure your domain name connects to your business or brand.
  • Listen up: When using any social media, you should start by listening. Search topics related to your business to see who else is sharing about it and follow them.
  • Reblog: If you want to show love on Tumblr, reblog something someone else posted. It will show up on your own Tumblr blog, with attribution, and they might return the favor one day.
  • Play tag: The best way to get found on Tumblr is to use tags. For example, if you are a bakery, use tags like cupcakes, baking, cookies and Austin, TX, to help users find you.
  • Put Tumblr in your tool box: To make it even easier to reblog posts, just install the Tumblr bookmarklet in your Web browser. Then, you can quickly reblog anything you find without even logging into your Tumblr account.

To learn more about how Fahrenheit Marketing can help you use social platforms to convert clicks into customers, contact us today and set-up your consultation.

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