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Most business owners know that finding a reliable, trustworthy SEO agency can be a challenge. Especially, finding one that delivers on their promise of “first-page results" seems almost impossible. It isn't uncommon to see every digital marketing company claiming a unique strategy for SEO success, but you can't experiment with this critical aspect of your business.

Maintaining visibility in the online space is tricky because the competition levels are incredibly high these days. You need the SEO expertise and wealth of knowledge that Fahrenheit Marketing brings to the table. Although we say so ourselves, we are unlike any SEO company you have worked with.


The fact is that more than 90% of users online only click through to sites that show up on the first page results on Google. Besides, over 50 percent of that traffic is routed through only the top few listings on the first page. Therefore, it makes a great deal of business sense to engage the services of a professional SEO optimization agency to ensure that you show where your audience will be.

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Being found online is just one part of the SEO challenge. The test of the SEO strategy's efficacy lies in sustainability. You need to maintain that ranking over the long term, and that's exactly what our Google SEO team can help with. We are incredibly dynamic in our methodologies and processes and aim to:

  • Increase your ranking, so you get found for all the relevant searches for your services and products. The key element of a successful SEO marketing campaign is ranking.
  • Increase traffic to your website with a qualified audience search for the services or products you offer.
  • Increase conversions, which are the primary performance metric for measuring ROI.

We focus on providing SEO services in Austin, TX that deliver tangible and sustainable results.


Fahrenheit Marketing has been a trusted SEO company in the digital marketing space since 2008. Our search engine optimization services are custom-designed to meet the needs of established local businesses as enterprise-level clients. The services we offer include:

White Hat SEO – This involves using search engine optimization strategies that go beyond targeting search engines. We design our solutions in line with search engine algorithms and rules while focusing on human audiences. Our team creates quality content interspersed with the right keywords. We use the latest analytics tools to test our strategies’ effectiveness and tweak them as needed for the best results. This approach ensures lasting results.

Local SEO – If you cater to a niche, local audience, you need a more focused SEO marketing strategy called Local SEO. Online audiences rely on local searches when looking for services and products in their vicinity. We design the best campaigns that boost your business's visibility in the local marketplace, increasing footfalls and resulting in higher sales and profits.

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There are many reasons to hire us for all your SEO needs, such as:

  • We have over 13 years of experience in the digital marketing space. Our team is highly skilled, knowledgeable, and well-versed with various Google SEO strategies.
  • Our dynamic approach and dedication go a long way in ensuring that you get search engine optimization solutions that bring in results.
  • We are transparent in our business dealings and 100% honest with our clients. Our company covers every aspect of SEO marketing, from keyword research and competitor analysis to site audits.
  • We are realistic, never overpromise anything, yet maintain completely achievable goals.

For any more details about our SEO services, please call Fahrenheit Marketing at this number- 512-206-4220, or send us your queries through this Contact Us form.


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The rapid growth in the use of the Internet and the decline in the use of traditional channels of reaching prospects and customers have made search engine optimization (SEO) so much more important. SEO is the most essential step towards building a strong web presence. Here are some of the key reasons for implementing a strong SEO strategy:

  • Optimizing online presence & visibility
  • Improving online credibility & trust
  • Building better branding & brand/product positioning
  • Ranking higher in search engines
  • Driving more targeted web traffic
  • Growing your business

There are many factors at play here with different circumstances for different websites. We want you to understand that when you invest in SEO, you are investing in the market share. On average, you should expect aroun 6 months to see the leads start trickling in. National, international, and local SEO take different times to start driving results. Your website’s current domain authority also affects the time. Some of our clients start noticing results within 2 to 3 months. Gradually, traffic will increase over time and once rankings increase, they need to be maintained.

We do not recommend believing in anyone that assures or guarantees certain rankings on search engines. Such companies make different variations of similar promises. While most fail to produce the assured results, others use unethical strategies that can get your website penalized. A reputable SEO company cannot ‘guarantee’ any results. Besides, high rankings don’t always translate into higher sales. It is important in SEO that your website ranks high for the right keywords. You don’t want to rank on the top of page 1 for keywords, products, or services that are not relevant to your business.

Our techniques and approach, mastered over years, and our proven track record demonstrate our qualification as a trusted SEO partner. From local to national markets, we can assist you with all types and scales of SEO campaigns. We have a proven track record of delivering results that stand out. It is not just our experience and expertise. It is also about transparency, reporting, and customer service. We’ve got it all covered.

The fact is that not all SEO work is expensive. SEO costs increase due to a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Higher volume keywords and competitive search queries are more difficult to target and take more time to deliver results
  • Poorly designed websites with poor internal link structure or navigational structure can take longer to respond
  • Low domain authority can require outreach programs or link-worthy content that takes time

Old websites may need to be migrated. All these limitations and changes can take more time for SEO to deliver results, thus costing more.

Search engine results pages (SERPs) keep changing on a regular basis. It is often frustrating for website owners that their ranks can move between places within just days. This is because there are many factors affecting your search rankings and Google is constantly making adjustments to their priorities in terms of user experience. Besides, search engines are constantly discovering new websites and web pages and adding them to their results. This makes it so much more important to invest regularly in SEO.

We are often asked about this question by local businesses. We recommend assessing your targeted market and the web presence of your competition. We will also evaluate your products/services. If your competition has a strong online presence, it can be a strong factor for you to invest in local SEO. If you don’t already have a web presence, you could be losing out against the competition.

It is recommended to start as early as possible. It is highly recommended that you consider SEO when you are creating a new website or redesigning your existing website. If you have not already done so, this is just the right time to get started with SEO. If you are not certain about it, let us help you make the right decision.

We follow a transparent approach when providing our services. This means that we will share information on the campaign and work that we do. We will document all the activities as part of your SEO campaign and will share the information with you on a live dashboard. There are some publications that we use to bring valuable link credibility to your site that we will not share with you as we have groomed these outlets to serve our clients and it is not in our best interest to share such information.