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SMX: Google Analytics Will Integrate Webmaster Tools Data

Analytics reports are becoming more robust as data from Google Webmaster Tools will now be integrated into Google Analytics. Google made the announcement earlier today at SMX and expanded on it with a subsequent post on their analytics blog.
The data sharing is now in a pilot program, but when it’s rolled out later this year, site owners will now be able to see a more complete funnel with impressions, clicks, CTR and average position from organic searches. Site owners can also take that pre-visit data and merge it with post-visit data to get a better understanding of how well their site appeals to visitors and how that appeal translates into behavior on their site.
This expanded data set will certainly help marketers for organic CTR tests like title and meta tag adjustments and hopefully marks the beginning of more data sharing between the two platforms. As someone who constantly reviews data in both platforms, it would be nice to have crawl errors and site performance data in analytics to discover problem pages and optimize user experience.