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SEO Overview: What Is Link Building?

Whether you’re just diving into the world of digital marketing and relations, or you’ve been growing your knowledge for quite some time now, it never hurts to brush up on some basics that play a large role in the world of search engine optimization that we know today. The big picture of SEO is broken down fairly simple; the internet is full of ranking and you want whatever you’re liking or representing to be at the top of the ranks. However, not every ranking list is equal and some are ranking on very different things. In order to have the total overall best ranking, you need to be well rounded so as to appear in multiple different realms. So if you are looking to be a common search result in many different facets, it’s important to find a connection between your ranking materials. That is where link building comes in.

What Exactly Is Link Building?

Consider the internet to be a mansion, or a hotel if you will, filled with floors upon floors of endless rooms and suites. It is vast, there are so many different accoutrements that are found all over, and each room is unique and sought after by the users. Since it’s nice to have more than one suite, users will attempt to attain as many ‘rankings’ in these virtual hotel suites as possible. But how are all these rooms and suites, or web pages and rankings, interconnected?
Links are the hallways, the corridors and lobbies, that bring all of the ranking ‘rooms’ together. In a comb over of the internet via algorithms that operate search engines, finding these special hallways and passageways that will unite two different ‘rooms’ is the equivalent to what link building does for web marketers. It is because of all the factors that links bring to the playing field that algorithm analyzers and SEO professionals believe that they play one of the largest parts of the campaign factor and ranking race. By being able to create, generate, and earn links between pages and posts that link your brand or name to a vast arrangement of internet fields and focuses then you have a far greater chance of generating traffic.

What Makes An Effective Link?

There a few different elements that comprise an effective link. Some may be more important than others given the field and post the link is used in. Here are a few of the main factors that professionals strive to use effectively when generating links:

Anchor Text – This is what all the ‘keyword’ fuss is about in content development. The long and short of it is that if more and more links and pages share common anchored texts and similar wording, the more the web page crawlers will take note and understand the relation between the links. If enough words relate to the same page, then it’s a bet that the link involved deserves a good ‘rank’.

Popularity On The Global Scale – Linking partners from all over the world that host pathways and ‘links’ to your page are a great testament to how well your page should rank. Especially if your brand is more than a local name, having a diverse and ‘global’ reach that brings in links from all different regions will be a great element of your links.

Fresh Links – From trends, to snack foods, and even relationships, there are many things that start our fresh and can go stale over time; links are no exception. If a great link is built or ‘established’ there is no guarantee that it’s relevance will remain. That is why a solid asset to have when reviewing all of your SEO campaign links is freshness. This means updating as frequently and relevantly as possible, as well as paving a way to create addition links over time.

Building links is a lot like deciding where to go out to eat. In order to get the most out of your campaign you should think about whether or not you’re looking for quantity or quality. As most SEO professionals would suggest, consumers and digital traffic is most likely to remember a few good and helpful links rather than a whole lot of half-hearted, semi-helpful links. Thus, in order to make sure your link building is progressive and not just waste of time, you should take certain steps to know that your online efforts exceed your expectations.
One time-tested type of link that can be easily created and well respected is ‘natural’ links. These are simple write-ups of content that can be informative, relative, and easily posted to generate a quick link to your company. They are effective in their own manner without requiring extensive SEO work. All it takes is a relative bit of material and a link that can direct traffic from the host site to your own page, and you will have easily generated a link. As technology and internet marketing have both advanced and become more competitive, companies have attempted to find any way to cut corners where they won’t be seen. Since these are the quickest and easiest links to generate, many programmers have attempted to make softwares or ‘bots’ that will generate these bits of content themselves in order to produce more at a quicker pace. As a result, the content will quickly become stale and flagged since it can only be arranged so many ways before becoming repetitive. It is in events like these that link generators have turned to more effective methods to get more links.

In order to create longer lasting links, it’s important for digital markets and SEO workers to established trusted relationships and web unities so that a form of ‘mutual relationship’ can benefit two parties. One way of doing this is be reaching out, rather through direct website contact pages or pulling emails from listings, in order to form these partnerships. They work by manually creating in-depth content and essentially pitching it to other hosts in order to get a link posted and pushed. In return, the link will benefit their site as well as pushing web traffic back to you. Should the link be relevant and content successful, that host will understand the value and in theory form the ‘partnership’ to keep links posted. This allows SEO campaigners the rare opportunity to work out their method of content marketing, trying different things and taking different approaches, but all while keeping their links fresh.
Link generating, as stated before, is a huge component to the modern world of digital marketing. Find your way around the internet and getting directly to the answers you’re searching for is made easier and more effective through links. Likewise, search engines can do strong analysis of pages and links to understand how relevant and highly ranked each page should be. Since web traffic almost always functions off of search engine functionality, having these generated links play to your favor is a good leg-up to have. Here are Fahrenheit Marketing, our take on SEO campaigning and web development is not just current and effective, but time tested and reliable through evidence of our many satisfied clients and link partners. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us today.