The Importance of a Mobile Site

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

With the amount of individuals with smartphones in the world growing steadily, businesses need to concern themselves with a mobile-accessible website. In fact, businesses that have not yet developed a mobile-friendly website will find themselves part of the laggard minority. But, that’s okay, because recognizing you have a problem is the first step in solving it.

1. Your competition already has one. Mobile websites are the norm because when people need information on the go, they use the web browser on their smartphone to get it. Which do you think consumers will be more happy using: your business’s regular website, scrunched down to microscopic proportions (or simply cut off) or your competitor’s mobile-friendly website, laid out comfortably on the screen of a smartphone? It boils down to this: if your potential consumers can’t find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily, they probably won’t be yours much longer.

2. They do what apps can’t. Apps are prone to crashing, faulty updates, and sometimes take awhile to even launch. yes, your company can pursue a mobile app, but only after your mobile website is taken care of. Also note that apps can be more expensive to develop than mobile sites, and also require different version for different operating systems.

3. They can enhance the user experience – or not. A well-designed mobile website that contributes to a positive user experience is invaluable. That is because the only thing worse than not having a mobile website is a poorly designed and dysfunctional mobile website that conflicts with the user experience.


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