Why Humor Makes a Difference

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

If your brand has already achieved some visibility in the social media world, it’s time to learn what you can do to not only continue successes, but also to maintain attention of your targeted publics on these channels.

While social media is a solid resource for sharing news quickly and efficiently, it’s also important to note how humor, when used appropriately, is much more likely to be shared between consumers than anything else. Here’s why:

Humor stands out.

If you scroll through your timeline and news feed, you will undoubtedly skim and scroll through content without much thought. Both Facebook and Twitter have become hotspots for company advertisements, whether in the middle of your feed or on the sidebars. However, if you look at how much engagement results from a humorous post from Whataburger or a YouTube video from a dental practice, you will realize humor is what gets people talking and sharing.

Humor humanizes your brand.

Part of presenting your brand as likeable is humanizing it. Why do shoppers quickly pass by pushy salesmen in the mall, or auto-delete advertisements in their emails? They do these things because they know what is important to a business: sales, sales, sales. Presenting your brand as a relatable human rather than a money-sucking robot is what connects the business to the consumer; it’s what bridges the gap.

In so many words, sporadically (or frequently, depending on the type of brand) using humor on social media to get your message across is a perfect way to oust the earmuffs of the daily consumer, who has almost trained his or herself to tune out the clutter of advertisements they encounter daily.