13 Ideas for A/B Testing Your Site

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We’ve shared before about the importance of A/B testing and given some testing tips. But if you feel like you are running out of ideas of what to test on your site, here are 13 different ways to do A/B testing that will help you convert clicks into customers.

1. Social Sharing

You may have an array of social sharing buttons on your site because everyone else does too. But if your social buttons clutter your page and aren’t being used, why have them there? Try testing various buttons, the size of them and where they should be on your page.

2. Mobile Optimization

Since your site will show up on a mobile device, it’s important to optimize the mobile site. Test components like withholding information or showing more, and the best way to portray your image galleries.

3. Font Choice

If you have used the same font for awhile, try testing new ones. Web designers can create ones that may even load faster than traditional ones. Also test font sizes to see if bigger or smaller fonts have an impact on converting visitors into customers.

4. Menus

Try testing out various drop-down menus with different columns and styles of organization.

5. Content

If you have been using a very friendly tone in your writing, try for a more professional voice or vice versa to see which connects more with your users. Try testing content that is SEO-based vs. human readable content.

6. Images

Try animations vs. photos, or different types of people or settings to determine which works best.

7. Trust Logos

If your company has won awards, don’t just assume those logos will draw in customers. Test out which ones are best to highlight.

8. Color

The background and text colors can have a huge impact on readers. Try testing bright vs. dark or various color contrasts.

9. Text

Try out long vs. short text, bullets vs. number lists and having text in one area vs. removing it.

10. Social Proof

Testimonials are important, but it’s also key to know how you can use them to best connect with readers. Try testing case studies against text testimonials or video testimonials. Test the length of them and how many are displayed at one time.

11. Pricing

It’s always hard to set the perfect price, so A/B testing is a great way to see if a higher or lower price is better. Or even test $79.99 vs. $79 to see which gets more clicks.

12. Headlines

Try shorter headlines vs. longer headlines, using different styling, font sizes and placing headlines in different areas of the page.

13. Call to Action Buttons

It is vital to test call to action buttons since getting your customer to this point is the goal of the site. Try testing the text, shape, size and color of the button, the button’s location and having more than one call to action vs. just having one.

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