15 Ways to Display a List of Information

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Lists make it easier to digest piles of information, but many are so boring to look at that we wonder, why take the time to read them? To help your lists get the attention they deserve, try out one of these list ideas we found on UI Patterns:

1. Photos: Instead of using numbers or plain bullets next to your information, photos will pull in the reader.

2. Number on the right: To help make your list stand out, put the numbers on the right instead of the left.


3. Bar graph: If you are comparing different amounts of information, making a colorful bar graph will help the reader visualize it.


4. Nested Lists: Creating a list inside a list helps you easily organize your information.


5. Horizontal instead of vertical: This list makes the most of your page realty while jumping out at the reader.


6. Box it up: Highlight the list by putting it in a pull-out box and placing the header in its own box above the list.

7. Spread it out: Instead of keeping information right next to each other, spreading it out makes it easier to read.


8. Images: Placing a graphic design that connects with each piece of listed content will connect with readers who are more visual.

9. Connect an illustration with your list: Instead of just listing steps, have an illustration above that shows the process.


10. Paragraph: If you don’t have much available space on your page, put your list in a paragraph form and bold the headings.


11. Filter: Filtered lists help you give users exactly what they are looking for, like this list that lets you filter people by their job position.


12. Background: Giving a customized background graphic to each point helps highlight each aspect.



13. Light and dark shades: Using different shades of the same color brings unity to the list while bringing out specific points.


14. Pop out: Having the call to action jump out on the list leads to smooth conversions.


15. Bright colors: A bright color on the toned down background gives that aspect even more oomph.


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