3 Reasons to Hire a Web Design Agency Over a Freelancer

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If you’re someone that owns a business, you’re likely aware that a website is one of your greatest assets. Not only will a well-designed website help to represent your brand accurately, but if it’s user-friendly, it’ll also speak to your customer’s needs and help with generating sales. Building a website that’s both functional and looks great, however, is no easy feat. 

Looking for web design services in Austin? While you might be tempted to hire a freelancer for the job, there are a plethora of reasons why you should look for a web design company in Austin instead. 

Agencies usually have a wealth of experience under their belt and will help with seamlessly integrating design and marketing concepts. Here are a couple more reasons why you should consider hiring a website design agency.

Web design agencies are more stable 

There’s nothing worse than having a freelancer quit on you at the very last minute. When that happens, not only do you have to sift through numerous Austin web designers on a bunch of freelance websites, but you’ll also have to go through the hassle of re-explaining to them what you’d like to achieve. With a web design agency in Austin however, that’s not something you’d need to be concerned about.

As a bonus, agencies also have more in-house resources than individual freelancers. If your website needs a specific functionality or web application, agencies will likely have professionals on hand to customize a solution that caters to your needs. 

As Austin web design companies usually consist of multiple team members, they’ll also be able to help tackle various aspects of a web design project at once. 

Web design agencies have a chain of command 

Have you ever had to deal with a deadline bearing down on you? While it doesn’t happen with all freelancers, you run the risk of missing your deadline if they don’t get back to you on time. This not only adds additional stress, but it’ll also take far longer than it should to get your website published and ready to go. 

By hiring an eCommerce web design company, however, you’re paying for a pre-existing structure to get things done. It’s more likely that you’ll get lightning-fast email responses and timely communication. This structure of accountability also applies to project management, along with all other aspects of the business.  

Access to a wide range of talent 

When you engage a team at an Austin web design company, you’ll have access to a range of varied skillsets under one roof – much more than if you just engaged a solo web designer who only has website design services. When it comes to web design, it’s not just a one-sided project that you delegate; it’s a dialogue that has to happen between both the client and the creator. 

As a client, you’d want your website’s design to come from someone who’s passionate about their work and what they’re creating. Most web design projects involve multiple components from web development to marketing and more. The best work comes from various individuals working on multiple pieces and bouncing ideas off of each other. 

With a web design agency, some other talented individuals/teams that you’ll have access to include: 

  • Web development
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital marketing 
  • SEO 
  • Social media management 

Freelancers, on the other hand, tend to focus on niche service areas. If your end goal is to look for a creative web design company that will create a stunning website that not just looks excellent, but also has superb functionality and will increase sales, then an agency is your best bet. 

A web design agency that cares 

It’s not just about looking for the best web design company; it’s about looking for an agency that works with customers that they genuinely care about. Even if your project ends, they should be willing to be there still to provide on-going support if needed. Before the project begins, they’ll take the time to understand your vision and create a website that will help with establishing your brand and representing your mission. 

If you’re looking for a website design agency in Austin that will develop strong and on-going relationships with their clients, we’re here to help. Fahrenheit Marketing is more than just a website design company; we also offer other services that will help with optimizing your site and draw in more visitors, leads, and customers. 

We’ve got a reliable team with plenty of experience and will offer our clients unparalleled web design services. Our team will be there with you throughout the entire process from the initial consultation to web development and execution. 

Contact us today to discuss your web design needs or to schedule a meeting.