3 Tips on Creating Facebook Cover Photos for Businesses

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Your company’s Facebook cover photo is the face of your company on Facebook. It’s the first aspect of your company that visitors see when they go to your page, and with the redesigned newsfeed it shows up on newsfeeds when someone likes your page, so you want it to showcase the best parts of your company. Here are three tips on how to maximize your cover photo and some examples of great ones:

  • Choose an image that sparks interest: The best kind of image is one that keeps the viewer engaged, so they will want to learn more about your company. Facebook has rules against companies putting a lot of text and calls to action in their cover photos, so instead let the image speak for itself and draw the reader to read more about you. Make sure you use a high-quality photo that profiles the essence of your brand.



  • Make it the right size: If your cover photo is blurry or stretched too thin, it distracts from your Facebook page. Since Facebook cover photos are an odd size, make sure that yours fits. Here are the dimensions for a Facebook cover photo:
    • Facebook cover photo size: 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall
    • Minimum image dimension: 720 pixels wide
    • Profile icon size: 160 x 160 pixels, with a minimum image upload size of 180 x 180 pixels



  • Switch it up: Make sure that you don’t have the same cover photo all the time. Try to change it once a month to match a holiday or highlight any new products or events your company is promoting. To engage your fans, try highlighting them in your company’s Facebook cover photo through having a fan of the week or month.



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