4 Reasons Why HTML 5 is Better than Flash

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

As the Web development industry evolves, more and more are leaving Flash development and turning instead to HTML5. But many resist switching to HTML5 because they feel more comfortable using Flash. To help you better understand the benefits of HTML5, here are the top four reasons we think HTML5 is better than Flash:

  • Super Mobile-Friendly: This year, it’s estimated that mobile use will surpass desktop use. In order to not miss out on conversions, every website should have a strong mobile presence. HTML5 is the most mobile-ready tool for developing mobile sites and apps. Mobile browsers have fully adopted HTML5, so creating mobile-ready projects is simple.
  • Cross-Browser Support: It’s very frustrating to build a beautiful website, and then have it not show up properly on certain browsers. With HTML5, you never have to worry about that because all modern browsers support HTML5.
  • Better Storage: HTML5 allows for storage across multiple windows, has better security and retains data even after closing a browser. Local storage is one of the HTML5 tools that make Web apps possible without third party plugins. Through storing data in the user’s browser, you can easily create app features like:
    • storing user information
    • caching data
    • loading the user’s previous application state
  • Improved Interactions: Through HTML5, you can build responsive websites that connect with the viewer. For example, in this dynamic website built in HTML5, you are drawn into the website and become part of the story as it unfolds while you scroll.

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