5 Blogging Misconceptions

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

The world of blogging and content marketing can be difficult to manage and sometimes seem useless- but it’s one of the most important aspects of SEO and is extremely helpful in driving content to your site. Over the years, blogging has become more competitive, more difficult, and, as always, myths and misconceptions about blogging have sprung up to throw off those less in-tune with the blogging world. That’s what we’re here for.

  1. Customers Don’t Read the Blogs: While customers may not travel to a business’s site and go looking for their blog, that doesn’t mean customers don’t read blogs. Blogs tend to rank very highly on search results, so if they’ve ever searched for something they’ve probably found themselves stumbling across a blog. So, while your customers may not be clicking on the blog from your site, that doesn’t mean they won’t read your blog.
  2. You Have to Post Every Day: This is entirely untrue. The best way to capture a user’s attention isn’t by merely shoving content at them. Quality is better than quantity, so three posts a week that are solid, interesting and informative is much better than seven that are short, scrappy and useless.
  3. Social Media is Useless: Especially when it comes to getting blogs out there, social media is very important. Social media overlaps with SEO, and it’s a good idea to use blogging, social media, and SEO all together, effectively. Pushing out content through your social networking is a great way to reach customers who like your pages.
  4. Commenting on Blogs is Dangerous: This runs both ways- bloggers can be nervous to allow comments on their sites because they can be negative and harm the site, and when this does happen, bloggers can be scared to comment back. Comments are a very useful tool for blogs, allowing discussion and feedback directly from consumers. Negative comments are bound to happen, but there’s no obligation to respond to them. Comments are better have than to not, and you can manage them accordingly.
  5. Good Content Gets Found: This is an exceptionally common thought for businesses with blogs- if you make it, they will come. But, it simply isn’t true. Merely creating a great blog post doesn’t mean it’s going to get thousands of retweets- you have to market it and it has to stand out from the crowd. And for a brilliant post to get to the top, it could take time.

Be sure to throw these misconceptions aside when working on your business’s blog and do you research on the kind of information your target market is looking for.

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