5 Tips for Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Did you know that on average eight out of 10 people will read a headline, but only two out of 10 will read the rest of the article?

This means copywriters must always strive to write the most attention-grabbing headlines possible. Here are five tips we’ve learned to write headlines that draw readers into our writing and keep them there:

1. The How-To Headline

Most people are searching online to figure out how to do something, like how to write amazing headlines. Writing “How To” in your headline appeals to a reader’s instinct to improve themselves. But make sure your headline highlights the benefit, such as “How to Write a Headline that Brings in Readers” instead of “How to Write a Headline.” Highlighting the benefit will help your readers connect with the story.

2. The Numbered Headline

We all like the quick way to success. Using numbers in your headlines helps readers see how simple it is to achieve what they are looking for. It also offers bite-sized content that gets to the point fast, so readers don’t have to spend much time to find what they are looking for.

3. The Question Headline

Questions make people curious, especially if they connect with the question or want to know the answer to it. Such as, “Is He Really Into You? Find Out Here.” or “Do You Ever Feel ‘Mom Guilt’?” Make sure your question is not random, but instead relates directly with the product you are trying to promote.

4. The Useful Information Headline

Readers want to know not just information, but how they can use the information to advance themselves in society and bring more order their lives. Using phrases like “The Secret to,” “Tips for,” “Rules on,” “The Best System for,” “The Guide to” and more connects with readers because they want ways to make their lives better.

5. The Testimonial Headline

Your customers like to know what others think about your products. That is why the customer reviews on sites like Yelp can make or break some companies. Using testimonials in your headline such as “The Johnson Law Firm Helped Me Win $40,000 in My Lawsuit” or “I Love Alroy Mak’s Pad Thai. It’s the Best in Austin!” share specific endorsements and relate to the reader why he or she should care about your company.

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