5 Tips For Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

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Pinterest is driving more referral traffic than Google +, which means if you aren’t already using the service it’s time to capitalize on it. Pinterest is a social site where users create theme-based image pinboards with pictures from all over the web and share them with other users.

Here are some tips from Fahrenheit Marketing’s social media specialist about how to use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your company.

1. Use images that appeal to customers: Make sure your images are high-quality and enticing, so users will want to pin them to their boards. Some ways to quickly and easily add extra style to your pictures is by using services like Instagram or picplz.

2. Create boards around your products and services: This allows you to highlight your company’s goods in easy to visualize categories. For example, if you have a restaurant, your boards could show your specials, drinks, appetizers, entrees, etc. This helps users to quickly find what specific services they need.

3. Be sure to link your images back to your website: Once someone shares your image, you want to ensure whoever clicks on it will be referred back to your company. It is easy to link your images: just click on the image, go to edit, and add your website next to “link”.

4. Create fun boards to engage your followers: Try to create a board that will get the attention of followers. Such as, Fahrenheit Marketing has a board called, “Can You Write Ad Copy?” where users can interact by adding their own copy to posted images. This gets the users involved and connecting more with your company’s page.

5. Link to Twitter and post to your Facebook page: This helps you share your content with your existing communities who are already interested in your company. These social media followers will most likely want to pin your images since they are already your fans.

Contact Fahrenheit Marketing today to learn more about how we can help your company receive more referral traffic through social media sites such as Pinterest. Also follow us on Pinterest!

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