5 Tricks Optimus Prime Would do to Optimize his Website

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

We are all familiar with the iconic transformer character Optimus Prime, the ultimate leader of the autobots in the fictional movie Transformers. He is a true hero and has some sneaky tricks up his sleeve to rule and conquer the online battle of SEO. So what does Optimus Prime have to say about optimizing websites? Below are 5 tricks we can apply to our own recipe for online success.


  1. Descriptive page text, page titles, and content. The information on your website should be the number one focus. Organizing content and creatively displaying images with attention grabbing text full of useful information is the bread and butter of your entire website and the optimization process.
  2. User experience and performance. How fast does your site take to load? Pages with higher load times typically have higher bounce rates and consequently negatively affects conversions. Reduce the amount of redirects, leverage browser caching, and be sure your images are no larger than they need to be.
  3. Authority. Make sure that your site has enough authoritative content that can be used as a reference on other authoritative sites. Consider engaging  industry influencers in promoting your content and services.
  4. Be consistent. Content is king and consistency is queen. Use the same language and keyword phrases across multiple channel platforms to train users on your optimization efforts, in addition consistency is great for branding.
  5. Invest in rich media. Interactive maps and videos on your site increases user experience especially on the mobile phone, which now holds more than 60% of the search market. By spending some extra dollars on a high quality video will prove beneficial in optimizing your website on search results.


Optimus Prime has a unique spark and  was able to succeed in the battle through the belief that  “All are One”. Well this holds true for SEO as well! It is vital to use all the recommended techniques to optimize your website’s presence on Google. Learn more creative ways to optimize your website or online business through the difference between off page optimization and on page optimization.