5 Twitter Tips for Beginners

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Twitter started in 2006, but even though it’s been around for seven years, many are just now learning to tweet. When you first start Twitter and gaze at your Twitter stream constantly changing with clever one liners and links from people who all seem to know exactly how to tweet, it can be intimidating. To help you become a tweeting pro, here are five Twitter tips for newbies:

  • Follow people similar to you: Through different Twitter tools like Hootsuite, you can set-up streams to search for people with the same passions as you. Once you find them, start following them and seeing what they tweet about. Then see who they follow and begin to follow them.
  • Know Your Tweeting Options: Your Twitter timeline can look like a foreign language if you don’t know all the different ways you can tweet. Here are just a few:
    • Tweet: Post an update that all your followers can see.
    • Tweet to a specific person: If you just want your tweet to go to one person and your mutual friends, put @ followed by the person’s Twitter name at the beginning of the tweet.
    • Tweet multiple people: Put spaces between all their Twitter names in the tweet.
    • Reply to a tweet: You can reply to one person, or all the people mentioned in the tweet.
    • Retweet: Share someone else’s tweet that you liked.
  • Start talking and don’t worry about interrupting: If you see someone asking a question you know the answer to, or talking about something you love too, don’t be afraid to join in on the chat. Twitter is a public conversation that you can jump in on at anytime. Through interacting with others, and retweeting tweets you like, you will quickly build your followers.
  • Be careful with retweets: Many people like to retweet or RT because it’s easy to do, and it helps show some Twitter love to followers you admire. But try to only retweet links or comments you really see as valuable to avoid populating your Twitter stream with a flood of random RTs within seconds of each other.
  • Start Twitter friendships: Once you are on Twitter awhile, you will start seeing who is on around the same time you are. After tweeting back and forth, you can start to develop a relationship and even help each other out if you are in the same kind of industry.

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