A Site is Never Finished

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

In late December Fahrenheit launched version 2.0 of our site. The new design took our old cluttered look and improved on it by focusing on core services and making it easier to navigate. Fast forward two and a half months and the current version of our site is completely different as a result of UX testing.

Take a look at our home page on from late December:

Now compare it to our current home page:

– We switched out the main section which featured four slides and 3 buttons to three segments highlighting core competencies

– We extended the blog bar on the right side to accommodate more news items and removed the scroll buttons as a result

– Added more home page content and segmented it graphically

– Extended the page to take up more space above the fold

– Added seminar button to promote our ongoing seminar and webinar events

– We added social buttons

– Added small separators to the navigation

– Removed the textured background to improve readability

All of these changes were made for a reason. We reviewed usability and made appropriate changes not only because we want to improve our own site performance but to emphasize the fact that we practice what we preach when it comes to UX. Our web design philosophy is simple: A site is never finished