ACL Festival Marketing For Dummies (101): How To Promote

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There are countless opportunities for marketing campaigns at the 2015 Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, Texas, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out. Over 450,000 attendees show up every year, making ACL the most attended festival in the United States. Devising a marketing campaign at ACL this year can provide you a tremendous amount of brand exposure. ACL provides multiple outlets to set up shop, or sponsor the shows.

How can you take advantage of these marketing opportunities?


2015 ACL Cares

A number of nonprofit organizations, and even some for profit companies who has a large corporate responsibility, are welcomed as an ACL Cares Partner. Sponsors like Boxed Water, provide attendees with cartons of water instead of plastic water bottles to reduce waste. Do you have a service or product that could benefit the festival attendees? Factor this into your marketing campaign. Social responsibility is friendly marketing and will reap positive benefits.


Austin Eats Food Court

Like all festivals, there must be food! ACL 2015 will showcase Austin’s premier restaurants and food trucks. This is a great way for small businesses to gain an audience without having to spend a lot of money on advertisements to get the word out about their new restaurant. Offer an incentive to visit your restaurant after the festivals through digital coupons sent to emails or phone numbers you collect by having people text a code to a number you previously set up. With the long lines, people will likely have time to text in their information for a discounted meal!


ACL Art Market

Local and national artists are encouraged to bring their work to set up shop. Not only are painters and sculptors showing off their works of art, but t-shirt designers can hang up their shirts for sale and jewelry makers can lay out their pieces on tables. How can you take advantage of the ACL Art Market? Make sure to promote your location online through your social media and on your website to help people find you.


Promotional Events!

Vendors from around the country buy tent space to promote their new products or pass out giveaways for attendees. For instance, 2015 ACL will feature The Galaxy Experience where Samsung Galaxy owners can earn exclusive rewards and even those with iPhones are provided a shaded place to recharge their phones. Remember we are in a digital age now, so don’t forget the importance of re-marketing to your customers online. Real time online contests can be fun for both you and the customer during these next two weekends.
How can you be different and competitively position yourself this year at the ACL 2015 festival in Austin, Texas? The staff at Fahrenheit Marketing is boiling over with ideas and will be able to help you strategize and brainstorm trending marketing techniques. We specialize in marketing strategy, web design and development, mobile app development, and fun! Don’t be shy, give us a call today.