Think Outside the Box Circle: 7 Ways to Market Your Dental Practice Online

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Want to market your dental practice online? Then think outside the circle.



To thrive and grow, you need to go beyond the boundary lines of your usual routine and comfortable circle to reach new markets. That means more than having a staff member post a few photos of smiles on social media once a month and creating a full-scale marketing strategy instead. Here are 7 tips to up your game and land it like an Olympic gymnast’s gold medal winning dismount.


Dental Marketing Tip Number 1: Keep Up!

Today’s online market is frenetic. Keep up with it. Can we talk? It’s about your website. It’s a little well…outdated. Like hyper-fast closing elevator doors, you have at the most, 30-60 seconds to grab your reader’s attention.

Does that sound bad?  It’s actually worse because I lied. You only have eight teeny, tiny little seconds.


Your audience has an attention span shorter than a gold fish, per a study by Microsoft which highlighted the effects of an increasingly digital lifestyle on the human brain. To cut through the clutter, you need to encapsulate your message, values, brand et al, in one brief view. Your page needs to load fast, be mobile friendly, and resonate- all at once.


Dental Marketing Tip Number 2: Optimize Mobile

Not to beat a deceased equine here, but if your site is not uber-user friendly, you are going to lose out before you even start. If you take nothing away from this article but that, you will be head and shoulders above the dental practice down the street. An optimized website builds trust, making you seem more relevant and up-to-date. If your site shudders to life, has hinky mobile graphics, or freezes, there goes your potential new patient.


Dental Marketing Tip Number 3: You Should be Blogging

There are what, a bazillion other dentists out there? Okay, maybe not that many, but there are a lot. Which is why your online marketing needs to carry a clear message that sets you apart.

Target your online message for patients for specific kinds of services such as pediatric dentistry, implants, emergency dental care, or tooth whitening. If you offer discounts, have a credit plan, or offer free oral cancer screenings, tell people about it.

Better yet, blog about it. In-depth, planned, informative blogs get read. People want information and providing it not only boots your rankings, it creates trust.


Dental Marketing Tip Number 4: It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

One of the best ways to connect with potential new patients is to become more engaged in your local community.  This is not digital marketing per se, but it can become part of an overall dental online marketing strategy. Besides giving back, local events are ideal for social media posts. Consider a community-based event where you might provide free oral cancer screenings, or the like. Being a good neighbor feels good and boosts your profile at the same time.


Dental Marketing Number 5: Facebook Expanded Marketing

According to Facebook, the US audience alone is over 214 million users; and the average user has over 130 connections on their platform. That means a sizable chunk of your target market is likely to be there too. Besides creating a Facebook account to promote your dental practice, you might want to consider investing in Facebook digital marketing campaigns. You can create very specific advertising selections based on your target demographics, location and the personal interests of your target audience using ads, pages, customized news feeds, and groups.


Dental Marketing Tip Number 6: Offer Freebies

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Consider offering coupons and small eBooks (on subjects like dental whitening, gum disease, dentures, implants, customized TMJ treatments, or other targeted topics). These can be coordinated with your blogs and social media presence. If you do add these kinds of offers, make sure they stand out on your site, and that you capture emails when they are downloaded.


Dental Marketing Tip Number 7: Automated Email Campaigns

If you want to market your dental practice online, you may want to add automated email campaigns to the mix. To be effective, automated email campaigns need to be highly polished. They work well with the offers and eBook freebies above. If a visitor to your site, for instance, downloads a book on how custom made dental mouthguards can help prevent concussions in kids, you can follow it up a week later with a message about discounted mouth guards. The point is to stay relevant and use calls to action about topics of interest to your potential patients. One caveat though, if you are a so-so writer, make sure you hire someone to craft your messages for you.


5 Ways to Approach Design Feedback

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It’s hard not to take design feedback personally, especially when someone is telling you what they don’t like about your design. That is why I like to keep five simple rules in mind when seeking feedback from a client, team, or boss.


1) Think of Yourself as Part of a Team

Design is a collaborative effort. A client or boss will typically ask you to bring a certain vision to life. However, people rarely have the same taste or idea when it comes to design. The picture in their head and yours may not completely sync up with what you initially produced. Accepting their notes and feedback, when appropriate, is part of the creative process – and human process. When your client/boss sees their ideas implemented in the design then they become more invested in the work and are more willing to help defend and publish the design. Remember, everybody wants what’s best for the project.

design team


2) Keep the Conversation About Design Goals

You should have specific goals in mind when creating your design; therefore, never open up a critique of your work with silence or ask, “what do you think?” Instead, start the discussion around the goals of the site (as an example). Explain how your design achieves those goals and seek feedback on areas where the design could be improved – with those goals in mind. You can use data, prior research, and experience to back up your decisions too. Be mindful that you and your team, or client, don’t forget the macro and micro goals you are trying to achieve with the design. Otherwise, your design will be judged by its aesthetics only which will lead to misdirection when it comes to edits.

design goal


3) Don’t be Afraid to Ask “Why?”

“Why” is not a bad word. Unclear feedback leaves everybody frustrated. The art of asking “Why?” actually helps you, and your client, understand the underlying reason why a certain design choice is not resonating with them or other audiences. People often have a problem trying to express their wants and needs so it may take a while to find the right questions to ask; but this will save a lot of time in the grand scheme of the project, and prevent more stressful moments later on. Typically asking why five times will help you find the right answer to an issue.

Ask Why?


4) Magic Answers Do Not Exist

There is not a magic answer to make your design better. Most good solutions take some trial and error. Allow yourself some wiggle room to experiment with various solutions. Don’t get mad at yourself if an experiment does not work out, simply use the data and feedback to discover what is working and what is not – remember ask “why?” Ideally, you’ll want to walk away with several solutions to test.

no magic answers


5) Remember, Nothing is Personal

You are not your work. You are not your work. Repeat after me, “I am not my work.” As designers, we tend to bring our own style and pour a bit of ourselves into our work. Nevertheless, any critique on your design or work does not reflect back on you as a person. There is always room for improvement. Save yourself some heartache and do not walk into a critique expecting only high-fives. The goal is to grow. Accept the positive feedback on what you are strong in, and learn from the feedback you are given to improve other areas of your design skills. You are here to get better.

personal growth

PXL Review: A Behance Portfolio Review Week Event

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Fahrenheit Marketing along with Behance is hosting a portfolio review event as part of Portfolio Review Week in Austin!

PXL Review Event Details

On Tuesday the 24th of October from 5 pm to 9 pm, Fahrenheit Marketing will be welcoming newly employed designers and graduating design school students from various local programs to PXL Review, sponsored by Fahrenheit and Behance. Attendees will have the opportunity to submit their portfolio of works online and on the day of the event to have their designs reviewed by a panel of experts. They’ll also get a one on one session with an industry professional who will provide valuable and actionable feedback.


“This is a great opportunity for students to gather some insight from industry leaders. A fresh look into their work apart from their professors and peers,” says Ricardo Casas, Fahrenheit’s CEO.


Chris Ollier, a design veteran and CEO of TheGKWco, will be the keynote speaker at the event. Fahrenheit will also be hosting three webinars the rest of the week that will provide attendees useful insight into designing a portfolio to land a job, using code to bring your designs to life, and how to defend your designs with data.


The event will be held at Fahrenheit’s headquarters in South Austin. Drinks, snacks and pizza will be provided to attendees. The event is free of charge though space is limited. If you wish to participate, please RSVP while spots are available.


We hope to see you here!


Download the Event Flyer to share on social media and with your school or work.

Fahrenheit Marketing earns the top spot as a Texas Web Design Firm on Clutch!

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Fahrenheit Marketing is featured as the top web design firm in Clutch’s Texas Web Design press release today. With four perfect 5 star reviews, and a history of providing innovative web designs for our clients, we are more than happy to celebrate the merits of our hard work through this press release. We know we perform great work, and we are honored that the rest of the world can see it as well.

Clutch is an independent tech research firm also based in Washington DC. Their methodology is based on client interviews, market presence, clientele and experience. We more than proved our commitment to providing exceptional service for our clients. Here is a sample of what clients have said.

The design is amazing, and the development is also amazing. I would say cutting edge.”

“The phrase “above and beyond” would be apt to describe our level of service. The CEO has always been flexible, reasonable, and great to work with. I would recommend Fahrenheit Marketing to anyone in need of a dedicated partner.”

“I do like the team very much as well as their company atmosphere; It was easy to partner with them because we seem to structure our respective company culture’s very similarly.  

They have the ability to attend to detail, and the oversight of a project, as well as communication of milestones within the project, was excellent. They do care for and value their clients, which is always cherished.”

Over the past 7 years we have worked hard to become a leading and trusted name in web design, web development and marketing. We have served startups and fortune 500 companies, and we have helped their brands reach their full potential. We are pleased to be recognized for our efforts and we look forward to helping more clients reach their goals.

Fahrenheit Marketing Named Top 10 SEO/Digital Firm In Austin, TX by Clutch

Fahrenheit Marketing
Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

Fahrenheit Marketing highlighted as a Top SEO Services Firm on Clutch!

Clutch, a B2B market research firm based in Washington, D.C., releases annual reports highlighting the companies who have excelled in a particular segment on their site. Fahrenheit Marketing has the honor of being included in a recent press release distinguishing the top SEO firms in Austin, Texas. We’re excited that our efforts have led to this distinction by Clutch!

For seven years, Fahrenheit Marketing has conducted business on a flexible model. Our team, skilled in design, development, and marketing, has assisted local brands and public, internationally traded accounts alike to achieve their business goals on a wide range of budgets. Our services include everything from WordPress sites and enterprise level applications to content and mobile app development.

The digital marketing industry is continuously changing, and the number of companies grows by the day. Given this reality, it can be difficult for a company of our size to stand apart. Clutch offers a solution by evaluating firms through ratings and reviews. A company is assessed based on the scope of its work, the various industries it covers, as well as market presence–to name a few factors. Above all, their research methodology places a heavy emphasis on the clients. Clients provide feedback on their collaboration with a company via a phone interview with a Clutch analyst. In addition to discussing the services provided, the questions pertain to integral components of a strong business relationship, including organization, cost, and time management.

Since joining Clutch, Fahrenheit Marketing has had the opportunity to grow and mature by having comprehensive and detailed insights, as disclosed by these reviews. Moreover, the reviews offer prospective buyers a credible and verifiable source to further evaluate the merit of our company.

The reviews of Fahrenheit Marketing on Clutch can be read in full on our profile. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those of our clients who have kindly agreed to share their experiences. The responses so far have been highly complementary. Here are just a few from two of our many valued customers:

“I would recommend Fahrenheit Marketing to anyone in need of a dedicated partner” – Director of Acquisition Channels, Nutrition Product Company

“Over the 4 years that Fahrenheit managed our marketing, our traffic increased by around 500% with phone inquiries going from about 70 to 250 in peak times. They created visibility where there was none…” – Director of Operations and Development, Dermatology Clinic

It’s always our goal to deliver quality results through a collaborative process, and we’re very excited to have confirmation by a third-party that our clients have indeed felt that we’ve lived up to our image. We will continue working hard to retain our position as a market leader, and look forward to new creative opportunities that arise from this recognition. Once again, we’re grateful to Clutch for their continued partnership, and to our clients, for their engagement and high praise!