February Q&A with Fahrenheit Marketing

Here are questions we received for our monthly marketing Q&A session. This month we received a lot of questions about online marketing, SEO and other relevant topics. If you have any questions you would like for us to answer, leave them in the comments below or email us a question.

A Site is Never Finished

In late December Fahrenheit launched version 2.0 of our site. The new design took our old cluttered look and improved on it by focusing on core services and making it easier to navigate. Fast forward two and a half months and the current version of our site is completely different as a result of UX testing.

Learning to See in CSS

By now, you might have heard that CSS is a pretty big deal . Chances are your favorite site ditched tables in favor of Cascading Style Sheets years ago. In fact, without CSS, that website would be nothing but plain text, scattered images and ugly blue underlined links.