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The Importance of Wireframing in UX design

What is wireframing in UX design? An expertly designed and implemented User Experience (UX) is foundational to the successful design of a website. Through an extensive, pre-production, discovery, and research stage known as wireframing, we glean as much as possible about the end-user, the goals, and the relevant competitors. As UX designers, our focus is … Continued

The Importance of Color Theory in Design

In the hierarchy of influence as related to design elements, color comes out on top. Color is the most quickly assessed element and has a potent psychological and physiological effect conveying a tone, emotion, or idea. Think of the color red, for example. Red can evoke feelings of warmth and comfort or feelings of anger … Continued

Why Your Business Needs a Redesign in 2021

Today, every company, big and small, needs to have an online presence. Whether you are a Start-up or an established business, investing in your company’s website is one way to ensure that you can maintain visibility in an increasingly crowded marketplace. We at Fahrenheit Marketing are a leading creative web design company. Over the years, … Continued

Key Elements of a Responsive Business Site Design

If you are developing a business site, you must keep in view that many people today refer to conduct searches online via their mobile devices. As a business that wants to be found online easily, you need to have a responsive business site design. It means that your website will adjust to screens of various … Continued

5 Tips for Effective Logo Designing in 2021

The success of your business hinges on how well you communicate with your existing and potential customers. When you hire an internet marketing company like us at Fahrenheit Marketing, you can be sure that the strategies we use can help your audience engage with your business effectively in various ways.   Business owners spend money … Continued

3 Reasons to Hire a Web Design Agency Over a Freelancer

If you’re someone that owns a business, you’re likely aware that a website is one of your greatest assets. Not only will a well-designed website help to represent your brand accurately, but if it’s user-friendly, it’ll also speak to your customer’s needs and help with generating sales. Building a website that’s both functional and looks … Continued

Best Design Tools & Resources in 2019

One of the most beneficial aspects to working with a full-scale marketing agency like Fahrenheit (shameless plug ;-)) is that you get access to professional designers, developers, strategists, content writers and more to help with anything from your website design and development to branding exercises.    Today, we wanted to give you a little peek … Continued