Don’t Let Google Catch You! Are You Mobile Friendly?

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

Everyone and their grandmother owns a smartphone. It is how we stay connected in today’s society. We use our mobile devices for everything; literally i mean everything from listening to music, banking, applying for jobs, researching best eateries, and using it as our own personal pedometer. Being that our lives are sucked into a small computer chip in our hands or tucked away in our pockets it would make since to monitor the behaviors and adapt our websites to the various sizes of mobile devices.

Consumers (you and I) pave the direction of the future through our ever changing behaviors. Marketers are constantly researching ways to engage with the market and study the unique behaviors of their friends, family, and peers to understand their needs. Not only do we strive to learn what our peers habits are, but we make it a priority to keep up with hot trends, and contemplate the “future” with our fellow marketing connoisseurs through deep intellectual inspiring conversations over a cup of jo or a cold drink. Just like the weather, sometimes our prediction are accurate.

As an owner of a website you must know how to further engage with your audience. We are here to share information with you that will help drive sales and recognition online. Whereas there are multiple aspects to the perfect recipe for your online business, you must also consider what the ‘big dawg’ has to say. As you may already know, the ‘big dawg’ is Google, and it is the expert on consumer behavior.

Statistics for smartphone use in 2015 just came out through a study done by Pew Research Center. It shouldn’t be to any surprise that more than half the American population owns and consistently uses a smartphone , and using the internet on their broadband device is second to text messaging. Google of course already knows these statistics and is now catering to the public by coming out with a new algorithm update specific for mobile friendly websites, coming in just a few weeks, April 21st 2015. Apparently, this change will have more of an impact than the most recent algorithm changes. Yikes!

How do I know if my website is mobile friendly?  There are several ways to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not. Use Google’s webmasters mobile friendly tool, or simply just check on your own personal mobile device.  You will be able to determine that your site is mobile friendly by the “mobile-friendly” label on the left of the website title like shown below.


What should you do? The answer is simple, make your website mobile friendly through responsive web design. We will create it so the display of your website adapts to any screen size.  Don’t wait till its too late, you will regret it if you do. The time to convert your website to be mobile friendly is now and let the experts step in to the rescue. Fahrenheit Marketing is an industry leader in responsive web design and development.