Eventbrite Data Provides Insight into Social Media ROI

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Eventbrite recently released data from a six month study of ticket sales showing the average value of a Facebook Like vs an individual tweet and interesting data about users who share pre-purchase vs post purchase for an event.

According to their statistics, the average Facebook Like generates $1.34 whereas an individual tweet about the same event will generate $0.80. This data was released as a followup to a previous study which had pegged Twitter at a much lower value ($0.43) and also gave a value for sharing something on LinkedIn ($0.90). Obviously the disparity indicates that more data is needed and since events can have such huge pricing disparities, we might have to evaluate data in ratios rather than specific values.

The company indicated that cumulative activity on Facebook was greater than Twitter and that people are four times more likely to share an event on Facebook than Twitter. While this data is interesting, it’s important to note that only a very small percentage of Eventbrite users actually shared events through social media. Just one percent of people who came to an event page shared it, however 10 percent of people who ended up purchasing a ticket shared that event.

Here are some additional insights into sharing activity on Facebook:
– 40 percent of sharing occurred on the event page, pre-purchase, 60 percent occurred on the confirmation page, post purchase
– 1 percent of people who look at an event page before purchasing a ticket share that event, 10 percent of people who look at the event page after purchasing share the event
– A post-purchase share drives 20 percent more sales than a pre-purchase share

This data could indicate that as web designers, we need to rethink the Thank You pages that we so commonly forget. Often the post conversion pages are an afterthought in the design process but this data suggests that making them sociable could have a serious impact on sales.