Facebook Hits the Trillion Pageview Mark

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Yesterday, Google announced its list of the most-visited websites on the internet. Of course, at the top of this list was Facebook hitting a new high of 1 trillion page views for the month of June. This was a large feat  to conquer, even for Facebook.

Facebook has 750 million registered users, although during the month of June had 870 million unique visitors to it’s site. This is because Facebook does not require people to be registered users for certain parts of the website, such as Facebook Pages and Profiles.

According to Facebook, the amount of time spent every month by people is 700 billion minutes. Facebook also revealed that the average user visits 1,150 Facebook pages every month. This enormous number is not only impressive, but makes other web giants, such as Youtube, seem miniscule with their unique visitor page views being 126 per month.

Page View Rankings are as follows:

1. Facebook – 1,000,000,000,000
2. Youtube – 100,000,000,000
3. Wikipedia – 6,400,000,000
4. Twitter – 5,900,000,000
5. LinkedIn – 2,500,000,000
6. Yahoo – 78,000,000,000

In other Facebook News:

After one year of the places check-in feature being released, Facebook decides to pull the plug on the mobile app feature yesterday. When the Places feature was released, many thought it would be a worthy competitor of other check-in services such as Foursquare and Gowalla. Unfortunately for Facebook, only about 6% of users were utilizing the service. Although Facebook would be cutting it’s ties with the Places service, they did disclose that they would be adding an optional locations feature to user status updates. However, whether that will catch on or not is still up in the air for many critics.

In addition to the Places announcement, Facebook also revealed an array of privacy changes. This is one of the largest privacy adjustments the company has ever seen, and is inclusive of over a dozen changes. There are so many changes being made to the privacy settings that Facebook is making all of its 750 million users go through a tutorial for the newly updated privacy settings.

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