Fahrenheit Marketing & Neogenis Lab: A Partnership of Success

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

Fahrenheit Marketing is proud to announce that our business partner, Neogenis Labs, has been honored with a place on the Austin Chamber of Commerce’s “A-List”.

The A-List is intended to showcase Austin’s most promising startups of the year, categorized into three divisions: Emerging (under $1M in funding), Growth ($1-$10M in funding), and Scale (above $10M in funding). From a pool of over 275 nominations, Neogenis was selected as one of the five businesses under the Growth category.

Neogenis is a world leader in nitric oxide technology, respected worldwide for its top-quality products and scientific advances. Through this innovative nitric oxide technology, Neogenis products enhance health and sports performance while retaining a focus on nature. Neo40® daily, the company’s flagship product, focuses on nitric oxide restoration and circulation support. For sport applications, BeetElite® provides athletes support for circulation, energy, and endurance.

Since its initial conception, Neogenis Labs has taken bold strides forward to reach monumental milestones:

Neogenis has ensured the high quality of its products through four successful double-blind placebo clinical trials, all of which were published in respectable medical journals.

  • In addition to thousands of customers, over a thousand physicians nationwide use Neogenis products in their practices.
  • Neogenis Sport products are used by professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and NCAA teams.
  • Neogenis has sold over 23 million Neo40 tablets.

Neogenis Labs and Fahrenheit Marketing first began collaborating in May 2014. Since then, we have executed countless projects facilitating Neogenis’ reach to its customers via the web.

Fahrenheit Marketing is a digital agency based in Austin, Texas. In recent years, through expert strategy, accelerated development, and intuitive design Fahrenheit became a nationally recognized name harnessing worldwide brands into its portfolio. Today, we offer an array of services to our clients, including web design, web development, mobile app development, marketing automation, and online marketing.

We have come a long way since our humble beginnings in 2008. Some of our many achievements include the following:

  • Acquiring its first publicly traded account 18 months after its launch
  • First European client within 2 years of operation
  • First Australian client within 5 years of operation
  • In 2015, over 70% of its portfolio comprised of fortune 500 companies.

We plan to continue our successful partnership with Neogenis well into the future. Through website development and consulting services, we at Fahrenheit will continue to support Neogenis’ mission and will proudly enjoy the success of this fine partner.

For more information about Neogenis’ products, visit the company website. Contact Neogenis through their online web form or by calling 1.855.Neo.4040.

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