Fahrenheit’s Online Marketing News Round-Up

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We like staying updated on the online marketing world through reading as many newsworthy online marketing articles as we can find. To help you stay on top of what’s new too, here are some recent articles we’ve been talking about in our office:

1. Mashable Leans Hard Into Native, Viewable Ads 

Mashable, the social media hub, has launched a redesign of its site that focuses on rethinking its ad inventory and also includes a new social virality algorithm. The velocity algorithm monitors Mashable’s content for signs of virality — and then immediately promotes those that are about to become viral.

2. 9 Search & Social KPIs To Start Tracking Right Now

This article discusses how even if you have many followers, retweets and social shares, it is hard to know if that is increasing your revenue, boosting customer satisfaction and lowering costs. It shares how to develop goals and gives nine search and social key performance indicators to track to see if those goals are being met.

3. Customers Are Clamoring For Pizza Hut’s Bizarre New Perfume

After Pizza Hut’s social media managers posted a joke last August about how they wish they could bottle the smell of fresh-made pizza, thousands of fans said they really wanted a bottle. Thanks to the popular Facebook post, Pizza Hut created a new perfume that smells like dough with a little seasoning, and is giving it to 100 of those fans.

4. Google Search App: Martin Van Buren

We love this new ad for Google Search App. It shows how a mom uses Google Knowledge Graph to quickly transform her daughter into the 19th century American president Martin Van Buren for her daughter’s school’s Dress like a President Day.

5. Why 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web Design

This Mashable article shares the news that this is the first year since 2001 that PC sales have gone down and tablet sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year. The solution for this huge technology change is to make sure your website is responsive, just like we discussed in one of our previous posts.

6. Is Facebook Running Out of News Feed Real Estate?

It seems that brands are starting to catch on to how placing ads in Facebook newsfeeds does attract fans more than placing them elsewhere. But what will happen to newsfeeds when when too many brands have their ads there?

7. WordPress 3.5 Unleashed Today

WordPress 3.5 was released earlier this week. Since we build our clients’ sites on WordPress, we were excited to check out the changes. The latest update is nicknamed “Elvin,” in honor of legendary jazz drummer Elvin Jones. The new changes make the platform even more user-friendly. 

We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did. To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing, contact us today.