Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Redesigning Your Website

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

5. “Do I Need to Gather Any Visual Materials Before Starting My Redesign?”

Your new website will probably need images or videos to tell the story of your organization. Oftentimes, web design projects get bogged down when an organization realizes half-way through that they haven’t taken staff photos since the 1990’s. Even if frosted tips were a good look for you, take a moment to make sure you have all the visual collateral you’ll need before beginning a design project.

4. “Should I Hire a Web Design Company or do the Redesign In-House?”

Obviously, at Fahrenheit Marketing, we’re a bit biased toward which you should pick. That being said, with the prevalence of DIY website creators, small businesses and individuals have the ability to create somewhat functional and attractive websites.
However, keep in mind that not investing in a professionally designed web site in the short run can trigger larger investments in the long run. It’s often more expensive to market or develop applications on proprietary or “cookie-cutter” web platforms.

3. “How Will My Site Look on Mobile Devices?”

Never forget the plight of smart phone and tablet users. Every year, the proportion of mobile traffic is growing and the visitors to your new site will be no exception.
When it comes to delivering content to mobile devices, you have two options: redirecting mobile traffic to a mobile site or developing a website with a responsive design which will change its layout based on how the user is browsing the site. Both options have their advantages: Either will present a better experience for your mobile visitors.

2. “Why do I Need a Website?”

‘Everyone else has one’ is not an acceptable answer. Web sites can generate leads, sell products, tell stories, or solve problems. Make sure that that the goal of your new site is clearly defined before embarking on a redesign.

1. “Do I Really Need to Redesign My Website?”

Just because your website isn’t working, doesn’t mean it’s broken. If calls aren’t coming in or forms aren’t being submitted, your site might not be the victim of a poor design. A good Internet marketing company will be able to drive relevant traffic to your existing site and make small changes to optimize your site for conversions. This tactic usually has a better return on investment than a site redesign.
Regardless of which you choose, Fahrenheit Marketing is always there to give you a point in the right direction. Contact us today with any redesign questions you might have.

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