Follow Friday: Web Developers

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Our Web developers are always staying up-to-date with Web development trends to better serve our clients. Twitter is one of their favorite ways to learn from and connect with Web developers from around the world. Here are the top four Web developers our developers follow:

Leah Culver @leahculver

In a male-dominated coding world, Leah Culver breaks the stereotype with pizzazz. She is an iOS/Python developer and the product director at Sincerely, Inc., which builds mobile apps for making the world a more thoughtful place. She has co-authored both the OAuth and OEmbed open API specifications.

Jeff Atwood @codinghorror

Our developers love Jeff Atwood’s blog, Coding Horror, where he shares his insights on programming. This year, Jeff announced his new company, Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc, whose flagship product is an open-source, next-generation discussion platform called Discourse.

Mark Otto @mdo

Mark is a brilliant GitHub designer and one of the creators of Bootstrap, a front-end Web app development toolkit. He used to work at Twitter before deciding to focus on Bootstrap and GitHub full-time.

Paul Irish @paul_irish

Paul says, “I make the www fun,” and wants to make the Web as compelling as possible. He is a front-end developer on Google Chrome’s Developer Relations team, and was on the jQuery Team for two years.

Through keeping up with the ever-changing Web development industry, Fahrenheit Marketing’s Web developers transform clicks into customers for our clients. To learn more about our Web development services, contact Fahrenheit Marketing today and set-up your consultation.

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