Google Glasses: Changing How We See Advertising

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

Google Glasses have been the talk of Tech Town for awhile. But in case you haven’t heard, the glasses have a microphone for voice commands, a speaker and camera that are controlled by a touchpad that lines the side of the device. Through this wearable computer, others can see what you see through streaming video and images.

The glasses are apparently lighter than some pairs of sunglasses, and the display sits above your line of vision so it doesn’t interfere with your daily life. That means you can take pictures and videos without having to step out of the moment–such as while wearing Google Glasses a mother can capture a special moment with her newborn son, instead of grabbing a camera and missing it.

Yet, even though this is an exciting development, many fear the privacy risks involved in a device like this, as discussed in Newsweek recently. Since these wearable computers can constantly be recording what is going on around them without anyone knowing they are being recorded.

This footage could be owned by Google and then governments and courts could want access to it. And of course advertisers will be all over analyzing what potential customers are watching.

Businesses might start having more bar-codes on their street signs, or their URLs pasted everywhere for wearable computer users to get more information. Businesses that aren’t on Google Maps or Google Plus pages will be missing out on the glasses picking up on them.  One day visual queries will pop up in analytics. Perhaps these glasses will display coupons or specials at different places of business.

But we have some time before seeing how this will really impact businesses. Select developers can pre-order Google Glasses for $1,500 and they will be available in early 2013, and then in 2014 they will be ready for the general public.

We at Fahrenheit are excited to see how this new technology will affect online advertising, and are ready to embrace how to use it to your business’ advantage.

What are your thoughts on Google Glasses? How do you think they will affect the way we do business?