How Facebook’s Redesigned News Feed Helps Brands and Businesses

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Facebook has done it again — changed your Facebook experience for the better through its updated News Feed. An article in Forbes shared how the recent changes will help brands and businesses.

With the new change, category-specific feeds are easily accessible from the top right portion of the page, and you access your Timeline through the collapsible black navigation bar on the left. Through the update, you can choose to look at certain feeds, such as looking at only photo updates through clicking of the Photos feed, or see only the latest updates from your friends or brands you like through the Most Recent feed.

The major changes that affect brands and businesses are:

  • More Cover Photo Prominence: After a friend likes a brand or business, the lower half of the brand’s cover photo appears in your stream, giving your brand more exposure.
  • Floating Advertising Section: This area will be on the lower right side of the page and will contain sponsored display advertisements, sponsored stories and targeted display ads.
  • Extra Ad Spaces: The redesigned user interface will contain up to 10 ad spaces, which is three more than the previous design. And as you scroll down, at least four of those ads always remain present on your screen.
  • Vibrant Photos: The new stylish look of published photos draws in the user and connects them even more with your business or brand.

If you want to check out the redesigned Facebook News feed, just go to Facebook’s News Feed preview page and join the waiting list.

We are excited about the recent Facebook changes and how we can use them to connect with our clients’ customers even more. To learn more about Fahrenheit Marketing’s online marketing services, contact us today to set-up your consultation.

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