How Pictures Affect a Site’s Performance

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

If you are looking for one more way to move up in the search engine results pages, check out the pictures on your site. Site speed is one factor Google looks at when ranking your page, and pictures can sometimes slow it down if they aren’t optimized. Plus, your pictures can carry great SEO value if used correctly. Here are some tips for optimizing the pictures on your site for search engines:

  • Re-size pictures before uploading them: Sometimes when pictures are uploaded to a website, they are uploaded as their full size and then reduced to thumbnail, medium or large. But by uploading a full-size picture, you are saving that big file onto your site. Those large files will eventually build up, take up room and slow down your site’s speed. To resize images before uploading them to your site, check out free online tools like Image Optimizer.
  • SEO your pictures: Once you upload a photo, you can give it a title and add alt text. These two options, if used effectively, can help your site’s search rankings. To help Google’s search engine spiders, which can’t see the image, use the keyword-rich descriptions you want to rank for to describe your images.
  • Use captions: Many don’t worry about captions on photos since it doesn’t directly affect search engine ranking, but captions can affect bounce rate. When people look at an image, their eyes naturally drift down. Studies have shown that up to twice as many people read captions as body copy. So if you have an eye-catching caption under your photo, you are more likely to keep your readers’ attention and convert them.

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