The Importance of Color Selection for a Website

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

There are many discussions about the psychology of color and how it affects consumer behavior. A website is essentially a virtual storefront showcasing your products or services. Therefore, it is very important to use the right color for your website that best reflects who you are and what message you want to portray for your target audience. 

Emotion can be triggered by certain colors. Below is a list of common colors associated with specific type of emotions. By using the psychology of color you can send positive messages to your target audience.


Other factors to consider:

Contrast plays another major role on choosing the right colors for your website design. Contrast essentially shows how one color stands apart from the other, and it is what makes the text or picture stand out from the background. Generally, It is good to have high contrast on those pages that display important content and readability purposes.

Color hues play an important role as well in designing a website. Monochromatic colors show different shades of the same color. Easy to design, colors never clash, and allows you to emphasize on important elements with less distractions. Monochromatic colors are visually pleasing to the naked eye and are used to created exquisite and elegant content.

Color is very important in branding as it triggers subconscious emotions and play a fairly substantial role in purchasing decisions. Consider the colors discussed above and add the different shades, tints, and tones to each color. There are thousands of color options for your website. How do you know which color to choose, yet alone the decision on the shade? How do you determine between a soft color or a vibrant color? Let the experts here at Fahrenheit Marketing help you with choosing the specific color for your website design, adding to your brand equity.