International Internet Use Continues to Grow

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What’s the country with the highest number of internet users? (Hint: the United States is second)

Could it be Japan? They are a technology crazy country but they’re third overall.
Could it be India? Mumbai is quickly turning into the Silicon Valley of the east but they rank fourth (despite just 7 percent of their population having internet access).

The answer is China with an estimated 420 million internet users putting the United States at a distant second with 239 million. Here are some additional statistics:

Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users (Source: Yandex):
China 420 Million
United States 239 Million
Japan 99 Million
India 81 Million
Brazil 76 Million
Germany 65 Million
Russia 60 Million
UK 51 Million
France 45 Million
Nigeria 44 Million
South Korea 39 Million

Internet Use as a Percentage of Population (Source World Bank, Yandex)
UK 82.4%
South Korea 80%
Germany 79.4%
United States 77.84%
Japan 77.61%
France 71.87%
Russia 42.3%
Brazil 39.22%
China 31.5%
Nigeria 28.4%
India 7.01%

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