IOS 6, Retina Screens, and Siri in Spanish

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On Monday, Apple gave its much anticipated keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held in San Francisco. Among the new gadgets displayed during the address were iOS 6, a new MacBook Pro and a new maps application designed to challenge Google Maps.

In the wake of the disastrous initial public offering, Facebook is getting a big boost from Apple. The new iOS 6 software will be integrating Facebook into many of its functions. For instance, Facebook users will be able to update their statuses by simply talking into their iPhones. And the iTunes store will allow users to “Like” movies and apps.

The iOS 6 is also going to include a few upgrades for Apple’s voice-command application Siri. She’ll make her move to the iPad in the fall, and be able to launch applications and movies. Apparently, she’s also been studying up on her Mandarin, Spanish and Korean. Over the summer Apple expects her to be fluent and able to operate English-free.

While Facebook is sitting pretty on this go-round, one company not getting a warm-fuzzy feeling from the Apple announcements is Google. The new Apple mapping program will undoubtedly challenge Google’s stranglehold on the digital maps market. According to Apple officials, the maps application will come with traffic reports and turn-by-turn navigation. Though it has no direct revenue stream, the new Apple maps will suggest searches and links for products and services. Analysts believe this could move iPhone and iPad users away from Google search and ultimately hurt the search giant’s revenues.

But perhaps the most exciting news of the day was a new lineup of Mac computers. The revamed MacBook Air will be slimmer and sleeker than its predecessor, measuring only .68 inches wide and weighing only 2.38 pounds. It also boasts improvements in speed and memory and, at $999, will cost $100 less than earlier models.

The new MacBook Pros are getting even bigger upgrades, however. Buyers will have the option upgrading to five million pixel “Retina” displays that have been popular on the iPads. (By comparison, an HD TV has two million pixels.) The new MacBook Pros will be .71 inches thick and weigh 4.46 pounds. They will have faster processors, better graphics, more memory and USB 3 connectivity.

The starting price of the new MacBook Pros will be $1,399. Add a “Retina” display and you’re looking at $2,199.

Here at Fahrenheit we’re always trying to keep up with the latest web and mobile news. We’re excited to see the capabilities of the new iOS and can’t wait to launch Angry Birds by speaking Spanish into our iPads.

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