Is Pinterest Right for Your Business?

Fahrenheit Marketing in Marketing

Pinterest is quickly becoming a popular marketing tool for many different types of businesses. Pinterest provides a visual and social platform for content, videos, photos and other products and services businesses offer. So, is Pinterest right for your business? That depends- but you can probably benefit from the site no matter what. We’ll walk you through how to figure it out.

  • Do you have a lot of visuals? If you company’s website is packed with interesting infographics, compelling photos or entertaining videos, then you need to be on Pinterest! Pinterest is all about visually attracting an audience, so if you’ve got the quality content, Pinterest has a board for you.

  • Is your audience already pinning your brand? Check out your Google analytics and you might be surprised- some of your market may have already been pinning your products or services. If traffic to your site is coming from Pinterest, that probably means it’s a good place to invest an account in.

  • Do you have a small amount of time to invest in it? Pinterest is a much more passively managed social media account than Twitter or Facebook, but it still takes time to create, mold, and post to. Make sure you’ve got at least a small window of opportunity to nurture your profile and add to it every so often. The good thing is, Pinterest content has a much longer shelf life than tweets or Facebook posts- pins can circulate around for months, especially if they’re racking up re-pins frequently.

  • Do you already love Pinterest? If you’re already personally interested in the site, it’s a definite option for your business. No matter what Pinterest can draw some amount of attention to your company, and if you’re already familiar with it and love the social platform, then go ahead and let your company hop on the pinning bandwagon.

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