Linkedin Seen As Most Valuable Social Network in New Study

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

A new study published by Performics reveals why Linkedin is considered the most important social network.  The study of nearly 3,000 people looked at active social network users and examined how they use and perceive services as well as information on social media sites. There was an even split among people who seek and give advice through social media.

59 percent of those surveyed indicated that LinkedIn was the most important network and 50 percent of respondents visit it at least once a week and 20 percent visit the site each day. The survey data seems to indicate that LinkedIn has an inverse relationship with the job market as usage spiked during the recession. If the current economic climate continues, the site will undoubtedly continue to grow.

Additional Social Media Insights

59 percent of Twitter users who follow your company or brand are more likely to recommend you to others
58 percent of users are more likely to buy a product or service from a company they follow
53 percent of users give feedback to companies on a regular basis and 52 percent of users believe that group feedback can influence corporate decisions

These numbers are nothing new, but they emphasize the power of developing a strong social media presence and engaging with your audience. This doesn’t mean that you should follow every social media account in the city if your company wants to develop local business relationships and grow sales. The people that want to engage with you need to have a reason to invest in your brand.

Social Media and Purchasing Decisions

60 percent of users are more likely to be influenced about a product or service when a friend posts about their experience with it
59 percent of users compare prices and 56 percent look for information about sales / deals or opportunities to achieve deals through social interaction with a company
50 percent of people use social media to give product / service advice and 50 percent seek product / service advice

These numbers highlight the importance of reputation management because what people say about your brand really matters. Earlier this year, we highlighted Aaron’s Inc. and how their lack of a social media presence was hurting their ability to respond to the general public regarding allegations of spying on customers. The company has yet to engage in social media even after additional negative press.

Broadcast and speak to your brand on the social media platforms that make sense for your business.  Be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare, we cannot stress how important it is to be visible in the social realm.