Online Marketing News Roundup

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

At Fahrenheit Marketing, it’s our goal to stay up-to-date with online marketing news and trends, so we can better serve our clients. To get a taste of what we’ve been learning lately, here are the top 10 stories we’ve been discussing at the office:

High-speed celebration: Austin lands super-fast Google Fiber network

Since we are an Austin-based digital marketing agency, we were excited to hear the news that Google is choosing Austin as its next location for it’s fastest network yet, Google Fiber. We are counting down the days until its debut in 2014 because we know the faster the Internet we have, the more we can do for our clients.

When The Domain Name You Want Is Taken

If your dream domain name is already taken, don’t give up. Learn how to make your domain name a call to action or add your specific product to it to increase conversions.

5 Reasons Marketers Must Understand Responsive Website Design

As you start to design, or redesign your website, your site’s mobile responsiveness needs to be your main focus — not only does it help your business, but it’s also cheaper and easier for readers to use.

Facebook Offers Clarification On Home And Privacy Before Full Android Invasion

After hearing that Android is offering a new skin in the form of Facebook Home, you may wonder if even more of your privacy is at stake. Facebook clarified that its new Home app can be controlled by you like other Facebook apps.

3 Keyword Selection Ideas For Content Marketing Success

Content writers don’t need to leave all the keyword research up to the SEO crew. Through searching for trends, listening to social media conversations and keeping up with the competition, content writers can determine which keywords to focus on.

4 ‘Mad Men’ Personalities You Want On Your Modern Marketing Team

In honor of Mad Men’s recent season six premiere, try to see if you have any of these Mad Men personalities on your marketing team: the idea machine, the smooth operator, the critical thinker and the number cruncher.

The Top 8 Priorities for Any One-Man Marketing Team

If you are the only member of your company’s marketing team, it’s impossible to apply every piece of marketing advice you hear. Instead try focusing on these eight priorities such as setting strategic marketing goals and establishing your exact audience.

15 Stats Brands Should Know About Mobile

For the companies that are still not sure they want to devote time and energy into making their sites mobile-friendly, stats like 85 percent of mobile users prefer mobile apps over the mobile Web might change your mind.

Vine Tops List of Free iPhone Apps in App Store

If you haven’t tried out Vine yet, a popular video-sharing service which lets you create and share six-second videos, check it out now. It’s become the number one free iPhone app, which means it’s time for your company to use it to showcase your business.

Discovering Your Client’s Voice while Ghostwriting

It’s hard to sound like a dentist or a personal injury lawyer if all you know about them is what you read online. Through interviewing your clients and studying them, you can help bring out their unique voice in your writing.

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