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With an established base of clients and surging online traffic, it was time for Greenspoint Dental to invest in the user experience of its patients. Fahrenheit Marketing synthesized the essence of the practice in beautiful layouts, with clear messaging and content that matters. The bonding between client and service provider begins literally with a smile.


A successful practice in the Greenspoint district of Houston, TX, Greenspoint Dental was ready for the next milestone to conquer. With a base of raving clients and a track record of success, it was time to tell the world why people choose Greenspoint over their countless competitors. The initial challenge was to convey in graphic and content form the sophistication of the practice and the stellar customer service people experience when they arrive at Greenspoint Dental.

Greenspoint Dental needed an avenue to inform potential clients of the experience others had enjoyed before them. It needed to be a website that would reach far and wide and would convey the sophistication and cutting edge technology that is offered by Dr. Bosse and his associates.


Capitalizing on "smiles", we have created a website that starts out by showing the general public what everyone dreams of having: a beautiful smile.

As a medical website, it was important to keep it light and white. Clean graphics and airy layouts make it easy to consume the content displayed in the website that boasts well over 600 pages of content.

The outcome

An award winning website design that infused jealousy across the competition and drew the attention of designers across the country when the site received an honorable nomination from a prestigious design contest that is held on an international level.


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