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Fahrenheit Marketing was engaged by MacLeod, a California-based real estate firm, to transform its existing website into a dynamic platform capable of showcasing properties, agent bios, the company’s track record, and industry news. The pivotal aspect of this project was integrating a sophisticated property filter feature, inspired by another platform but tailored to meet MacLeod's unique requirements. Our challenge was to design a filter that effortlessly sifts through an ever-changing property database, facilitating quick and precise searches for potential investors. Despite the need for further enhancements in interactiveness, the filter, coupled with a search feature, significantly improved the site's user engagement without veering off the project's scope.

This client came to us requesting a remarkable amount of variable data be placed into their product listings, much of which was not uniform between property types, creating a need for out-of-the-box conditional coding. It was a challenge that required extensive testing, an ample database of property variations, and troubleshooting to meet the desired outcome.


  • Design a clean, professional website
  • Incorporate industry news or market report section
  • Efficiently showcase proper listings
  • Emphasize video content across the site
  • Implement a unique, user-friendly property filter
  • Gather conversions through interactive forms


We started by understanding the client's concerns with the existing layout and functionality of their site. Our focus was to shape a platform that would act as a potent tool for MacLeod, showcasing our adeptness at Fahrenheit Marketing in conceptualizing digital solutions that cater to long-term objectives. Influenced by a website the client admired, we designed and developed a unique user experience for filtering and viewing MacLeod’s commercial real estate offerings. This phase showcased our ability to adapt to client preferences while injecting a degree of originality to ensure the solution was tailored to MacLeod's specific market stance and user engagement objectives. Thorough analysis and planning laid solid groundwork, ensuring design and development phases remained agile to meet the client’s evolving vision and the project's overarching goals.


The project saw the infusion of several custom-coded elements; notably the integration of featured videos on internal pages like Sell, Acquire, and Lease. Utilizing Wistia, a video hosting platform, we ensured smooth video embeds without compromising the site's speed, showcasing our commitment to best SEO practices.

Another significant aspect was the development of Contact and Download Overview forms integrated with HubSpot to collect and categorize user information for marketing purposes efficiently.

Gathered from an 'Infotainment' feature served a dual purpose: for marketing, engagement via a form demonstrated a marketing opt-in allowing MacLeod to reach clients in a proactive manner directly from their CRM platform; for search engine optimization, sharing information about the industry also demonstrated that is an authority and expert source worthy of organic search referrals.

The detailed property search feature allows potential buyers to find precisely what they are looking for, demonstrating that MacLeod respects the time of its customers and its sales team. With thousands of combinations of their key variables, we were able to succinctly format a logic tree displaying the options and most relevant results, even when viewing on mobile devices.

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The Outcome

The revamped website now represents our ability to deliver tailored solutions, fulfilling MacLeod’s emphasis on video content, efficient property listing, and user engagement. The successful integration of a unique property filter and interactive forms reflects our ability to create solutions for our clients' pain points and operational needs. The client can now easily update property statuses, reflecting the changes on the site immediately, demonstrating our commitment to providing self-sufficient solutions. The current platform sets a solid foundation for future enhancements, encapsulating Fahrenheit Marketing’s ethos of delivering client-centric, innovative web development solutions.


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