Part 2: The Guide to How Fahrenheit Builds a Website

Fahrenheit Marketing in Design

We hope you enjoyed our previous installment on the first steps we take to create websites that turn clicks into customers. In part two, you will hear from our talented Web designers, content writers and Web developers and their roles in website creation.

Create the web design.
Brian Y., Web Designer

For our clients, we can do web design, graphic design, multimedia design and GUI design. Deciding what style of design to create for each client all starts with whatever the client has in mind.

  • If they want to keep the old branding, I will stick to those colors and overall design theme.
  • However, if they want a brand new site, I will research what other competitors have done and determine how we can do it better.
  • Then I will check out other design books or design related materials and start drafting. It usually takes around one to two days to come up with one or two homepage comps.

What I enjoy about website design is when the final product makes the client happy. When they say that they like what they see, that’s my favorite moment.  

Write content.
Sherri, Content Developer

After we hear from Garrett and Zane about what the client wants their content to focus on, our content developers are each assigned content pages to write.

  • We do intense research on our client’s products.
  • Then we write our content in a way that is informative and compelling to the reader.
  • After writing drafts, we send them to other writers to be proofed.
  • The client then reads over them to make sure the information is accurate and what they want.
  • Once they approve it, we load the content onto the site’s pages.

I enjoy how Fahrenheit writers don’t stuff our content with keywords, but instead write solid content that uses keywords when it makes sense to use them. This kind of content writing helps our clients show up on search engines while developing a connection with their customers.

Develop the site.
Patrick, Web Developer

Depending on the type of project, our team of Web developers will choose a content management system or framework to use, and proceed to develop the site’s theme/functionality.

  • If the site is simple, usually one person will code the theme, and get everything ready to be filled with content.
  • However, if the site is more complex and requires more advanced features to be built, a few people might work on the project as a team to make sure that the Web app is engineered/programmed in the most intuitive, stable and manageable way possible.

In every part of the Web development process, unique challenges often arise, and those are always the fun moments, when you have to think of something new, or write a unique code you never tried out before.

If you have any questions about our website process, or would like to learn more about getting a website built by Fahrenheit Marketing, contact us today.

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