Search Continues to Increase Among Smart Phone Users

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A recent study by Performix shed new light on the way consumers interact with mobile search on their smartphones. Many people would expect most mobile searches to take place away from the home, but study findings showed the opposite was true.

The study consisted of a February survey of over 500 respondents, each accessing the web on their phones at least once a week and performing mobile search once per month. The study identified that mobile search is most heavily used in the home, both in the evenings and on weekends. Many users performed mobile searches while watching television (66%), and even while sitting in front of a computer (45%). According to study data, 81% of users reported the use of mobile search at home in the evenings and 80% of those users did mobile searches at home during the weekends.

Consumers appear to be largely satisfied with the results of their mobile search experience, and are performing searches at a rapidly increasing rate. The following statistics were uncovered during the survey:

75% of users claimed that the use of mobile search makes their lives easier
63% said that accessing mobile search has changed the way they gather information
32% said that they now perform more mobile searches than searches on their computer
3% of users claimed to be either not very, or not at all satisfied with the results of their mobile search

What does this mean?

The growing popularity of mobile search provides companies with an additional means of reaching their target audience. With an effective SEO strategy, companies are now able to reach the consumer both inside and outside of the home. Consumers are increasingly willing to divide their attention while performing other daily activities such as watching television or running errands. This mobile search trend offers companies a lower-cost alternative to traditional television marketing and point-of-purchase advertising.

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