The New "Arizona College"

Formerly known as the Arizona College of Allied Health, the Arizona College sought to partner with Fahrenheit Marketing to translate its new offer and vision to the online community. The college website plays a major role in its ability to perform, as new prospects typically have their first experience with Arizona College online.


The college was working with an out-of-date system in function and appearance that hindered its ability to compete for the attention of potential students in and out of Arizona.

What they needed

Vying for attention in a difficult and crowded market, The Arizona College had to make a significant investment in its online presence to remain competitive. The existing website was clearly dated and non-compliant with responsive technologies, effectively alienating mobile users in and out of state. In addition to its dated appearance, the website also had serious deficiencies concerning its lead generation process, where manual entries were still a standard practice, as opposed to automatic and seamless posts to various internal CRMs. 

UX Design
CRM Integrations
SEO Visibility Features
Ongoing Support

Design Concept

Several compositions were created in order to demonstrate possible ways of content organization and hierarchy. Focus groups were employed to determine the feedback of students when faced with the possible options. Revisions and updates were implemented to address each valid concern and the point of general satisfaction was reached within a few weeks.

General Design

With a wealth of information gathered through Google Analytics, Fahrenheit Marketing had a very good idea of how the website and its content was being used. We prioritized content placement and imagery following the established path users had left over the course of several years. The end result was a website that was incredibly easy to navigate, easy on the eyes, fully compliant with mobile devices and following the natural path users had established all along.


Less Is More

  1. Improved user engagement
  2. Improved form submissions and inquiries
  3. Mobile compliance with responsive design
  4. Streamlined lead processing through CRM integrations

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