A Force To Be Reckoned With

As a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm, Fort Wealth Management offers concierge-style services focused on delivering financial security and peace-of-mind.


An outdated site full of financial jargon was keeping users from seeing the benefits the Fort Wealth team had to offer. The website shared similar content with other financial firms, so it wasn’t ranking well on search engines. Fort Wealth Management needed a site that contained original, easily digestible, industry-related content. They wanted to show off the expertise of their team and highlight the events they host monthly.



What they needed

In a world of lookalikes, Fort Wealth Management needed an edge over the cooking cutter outfits that are most pervasive in this space. With a tremendous track record and tens of millions of dollars under management, a mature and established brand seemed fitting for a team that earned their space in the sun.


Design Concept

After distilling the brand positioning, we created their new logo mark. We gave them a strong and composed mark that stood alone, and in-context with other marketing materials, beautifully. From there, we extended the elegant look and feel of the mark to every page of the website. White space, clear headings, and large iconography were some of the elements we used to achieve our final creation.

General Design


Fort Wealth Management now has a website that calls attention to their strengths as a team and communicates a sense of amiable competence. The website brings personality to the Austin and Houston teams, and highlights their shared knowledge.

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