PPA is Focused

Precision Pharmacy Alliance provides training for Pharmacists so they can provide clinical services in physician’s offices. They bring new drug delivery methods and business growth opportunities to the community pharmacy to enhance their network of physicians through training, education on alternative precision medicines.


Precision Pharmacy Alliance needs a brand to add legitimacy to their company. They are teaching new innovative drug delivery methods. Thier logo must reflect that they are forward thinkers. A modern minimal feel would work for a pharmaceutical company.

What they needed

Brand Strategy

Design Concept

This typographic logo combines the Precision name with the target symbol. The symbol not only plays with the word precision but goes along with PPA's focused strategy. This concept is combined with a gradient color scheme and futuristic typography to highlight PPA's innovation as leaders in the field.


Precision Pharmacy Alliance’s logo helps them put their best foot forward. Their brand represents their strategy while legitimizing the PPA vision.

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