If You've Been On A Toll Road, You've Used TransCore's Services

TransCore is a leading tolling and intelligent transportation systems company in the United States with operations around the globe. The company offers a broad array of services from tolling technology to logistics services through its Canadian subsidiary. A leader in its space, TransCore USA deals primarily with government agencies implementing multi-million dollar systems to facilitate and improve traffic
and parking conditions.


As with many large corporations, TransCore dealt with an aging website that no longer reflected the character of the company or represented its capabilities in a proper form. Various departments had taken ownership of their respective sections within the website, causing a tremendous identity crisis as no two pages seemed to carry a common theme.

What they needed

TransCore.com needed to be defined as one website comprized of many parts, seamless and functional, and every department would have to comply with a standard template in order to maintain the integrity of the brand and website usability.

UX Design
Content Strategy
Ongoing Maintenance

Design Concept

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General Design

Given the extent of the website in its original form, Fahrenheit Marketing worked closely with company leaders to determine the importance and relevance of each piece of content. Initial concepts were still too inclusive of legacy materials and as we progressed into the content selection in its final form, we were able to conceive a clear, uncluttered and intuitive website that was usable and easy to manage.


TransCore offers the best website user experience of all of its peers, with clearly organized and categorized content. An easy to maintain dashboard offers website managers the ability to create and publish content with the ease of a word editor. With a fully responsive website, TransCore is able to cater to office users as well as those out in the field, most likely using their mobile device seamlessly.

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