Reducing Your Website’s Bounce Rate

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How many times have you done a Google search for a product or service, clicked on the website’s link and left without navigating the website or checking out any of its links? What were the reasons you left? Maybe the website had an overload of advertisements and pop-ups, or maybe you just couldn’t figure out how to find what you wanted.

Whatever the reason, these situations affect a website’s bounce rate: the percentage of visitors who come to your website and don’t actually end up clicking on any links within your site. Learning to reduce your website’s bounce rate will help generate traffic and sales further.

Website Design

Designing a website means so much more than just giving it a good layout and font. In order to be easily navigated, a visitor should be able to find what they want without doing much work. This means incorporating tabs, sidebars and a clean theme. The best example is Apple’s website: it has one large advertisement for its newest product with six tabs at the top and a search bar. Simple. It also manages to uphold a sleek, clean brand design by having its website’s simplicity match the simplicity of the look and feel of its products.

Clear, Obvious Purpose or Message

When a visitor stumbles upon your website, they should be able to tell from the homepage exactly what your website’s goal is. Is it to give information about products? Is it to allow you to learn about different services? Again, if the visitor is confused when encountering your website, your bounce rate is higher than it has to be!

Enticing and Understandable Content

Reading or watching content on the Web is different than reading a newspaper or a magazine. Readers have little patience for lengthy articles stuffed with jargon. How many times have you opted out of watching that hilarious YouTube video your coworkers are talking about because it was more than a few minutes long? How many times have you quickly scrolled to the bottom of a captivating CNN article and hit that “back” arrow because you didn’t have time for 14 paragraphs?

Your content needs to yield to the reader. Allow them to get the information they are seeking in a quick, painless manner. Don’t make your visitors frustrated with finding what they want.



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