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5 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

A logo is the best way for clients instantly recognize your brand. Regardless of your industry, having a precise, simple logo is necessary for having instant recognizability among your clients. Putting too much thought, or not enough, into the design of your logo can be its ultimate downfall. When trying to brand your company, keep some of these common mistakes in mind, and don’t fall into their trap:

  1. Designing for yourself rather than your customers. Always remember, your logo is for the benefit of your customers, not just you. Just because something looks cool to you, doesn’t mean it’s going to go over well with your clients. Don’t impose your personality onto the logo, impose the company’s personality in a likeable light for the client.
  2. Having an overly complex logo. Simplify your logo as much as possible. A logo with too many graphics, colors, or just too much going on will lose its recognizability instantly. Also remember that when your logo is sized down to be small for prints and other uses, it’s going to lose a lot of that detail you put into it.
  3. Relying on color. Your logo should be recognizable even in grayscale. Many designers get overzealous with color and can’t wait to use it. While color is fine, it shouldn’t be the main selling point of your logo. To avoid this, create your logo in black and white first, then consider color.
  4. Using multiple fonts. This follows the ‘keep it simple’ rule. Seeing too many fonts at once confuses users and will make your brand confusing. It’s not only important to choose one font, however. It’s also important to choose the right font. Choose something that reflects your company and sits well with clients.
  5. Copying current logos. Taking inspiration from current logo trends is okay, but remember to design outside the box. Copying logos doesn’t help people recognize your brand, it only helps them see who you’re copying. Instead of representing your business, you’re simply reminding them of someone else’s.

Avoid these mistakes and design your logo with your company’s personality and clients in mind.

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